WIN Convention 2024 | Social media presence vital

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Jonathan and Stephanie Batisarisari. Picture: TIMOCI VULA

‘Every company should be a social media company business first and then do what you do.’

Addressing 200-plus delegates at the 3rd Women Invigorating the Nation (WIN) Convention in Suva last Saturday on the topic ‘Inspiring Solutions for Community Success’, Jonathan Batisarisari and his wife Stephanie of the Waka Family shared why they often used social media to tell the story of their life and business journey.

Mr Batisarisari said this gave hope and inspire solutions, adding that it was the best way to remove the ‘smoke and mirrors’ that surrounded doing business.

“At least in the North, there is real smoke and mirrors around business. It’s hard to grasp, it’s hard to get ideas, there’s not a lot of sharing of information,” Mr Batisarisari said.

With social media, he said, they could share their journey and be an inspiration to others.

“We want people to look at us and feel like ‘oh they can do that, we can do that’. So that’s what we are trying to do through social media.”

Mr Batisarisari said they recently launched their Waka Media company a couple of weeks ago.

“We use media to get the word out there. Every company should be a social media company first and then do what you do.

“This day and age…it’s the best way to leverage audience, and the time that you have. So first we create the audience…and then we create the businesses. Once we have ideas and we line up everything and we think it’s good, there’s like 400,000 people that we can make a post and then everybody sees that.

“Please use social media. Nobody cares really much about the ‘what’ that you sell or the ‘what’ that you provide. It’s about the ‘why’.

” For instance, he said, their surname was not Waka — their family business brand — adding that meant the branding was working.

“You are a unique person and you have a unique story. You know many people can relate with your story so be a personal brand and people will follow you and they will be interested in you.

“And when you have a product, they will know you and they will trust you and go behind you.”

Ms Stephanie said: “I think you will be very surprised if you share your story that other women out there will connect.

Also people are looking for the product that you sell and it just so happened that it is coming from a wonderful woman whose story they love.”

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