From The Crowd

18th January

Opinion: Policing in a relational state

Police in Papua New Guinea (PNG) generally cop a fair share of criticism. This is particularly true in my area of research, sorcery accusation related violence (SARV), where police are often unwilling or unable to intervene – and sometimes even...

14th January

Opinion: Less worker exploitation under the SWP

When the pandemic hit, Pacific Island countries closed their borders to workers hired through the federal government’s Seasonal Worker Program (SWP), preventing them from returning home. It was understandable – the health systems in these countries would have struggled to deal with an outbreak caused by workers returning from Australia. However, it left thousands of workers stuck in Australia during the non-harvesting and planting season. Before the outbreak it...

13th January

Opinion: New year brings new opportunities

The new year brings opportunities and challenges for the Pacific. There are big questions being asked across the region — questions that go to the heart of how countries, peoples and regional organisations see themselves and how they relate to the rest of the world. And there are ongoing political, social, and economic challenges, all of which are complex and complicated. Whilst outsiders may look for one-liners to...