Letters To The Editors

17th April

Letters to the Editor – Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Running for glory Once again The Fiji Times has done a wonderful coverage building up to the 2019 Coca-Cola Games! First it was the beautiful cover page showing our athletes from Gau Secondary School and...

16th April

Letters to the Editor – April 16, 2019

Most successful team What is wrong with these people criticising and some even swearing at our Fiji Airways Fiji 7s players for the one point loss in Singapore on social media. Fiji is the most successful team on this leg of the series. They won five in a row at Hong Kong, setting a record...

15th April

Letters to the Editor – April 15, 2019

Today in history In The Sunday Times, there is a segment dedicated to “Today in History”. The section contains excerpts from The Fiji Times from various years. Yesterday (14/4), the front pages from 1958 and 1984 were highlighted. Correct me if I am wrong. In those two years, the price of The Fiji Times was...

13th April

Letters to the Editor – April 13, 2019

Watching the big three The Hong Kong battle has been won, however, if there is any slight hope that we are safe in the top four then let’s think twice. The top three teams are separated by five and seven points and the fourth team lags behind 19 points. For sure we will have a...

12th April

Letters to the Editor – Friday, April 12, 2019

Hong Kong dream comes true The article by Aqela Susu (FT 11/04) was a beauty. Aqela reported about 73-year-old passionate Gau yaqona farmer Aisea Nasili who started his journey to Suva in a fibreglass boat to prepare for his much-anticipated trip to watch our boys play in HK. It had been Nasili’s dream to watch...