Editors Comment

10th December

Editorial comment – Empowering our women

KADAVU native Masi Dave is pretty set in her ways. She’s determined to make a difference in many ways. At 27, Ms Dave runs a business in an industry that brims with men. She’s determined...

9th December

Editorial comment – Around good Samaritans

Fifteen-year-old Unaisi Radinibeqa yearns for a lot of things in life. She’s like any other youngster her age in many ways, with her own hopes and aspirations. The Bible verse Psalms 23 holds special meaning for Unaisi, who is a cancer patient, as she lies on her hospital bed. The verse is well known to...

8th December

Editorial – Be disciplined, be dangerous

The stage is set for what is building up to be an action-packed weekend of sevens rugby for most Fijians. It’s the festive season. We have before us a period to be merry with Christmas and New Year just around the corner. Last weekend’s dismal show against the USA in the Cup quarter-final of the...

7th December

Editorial comment – Countdown to Cape Town

In the face of the heavy influx of rookies in our sevens rugby campaign this season, there is still an element of respect attached to the national side. On the roll against Fiji in the quarter-finals of the Dubai 7s last weekend, USA coach Mike Friday kept his men on the ground. Experience had taught...

6th December

Editorial comment – Tsunami preparedness

The director for the National Disaster Management office, Anare Leweniqila, yesterday made it clear that a surprise communication tsunami test does not require prior warning. Before the test the NDMO ran yesterday, Mr Leweniqila said this was to analyse the readiness status of those who lived along coastal areas. The surprise communication test by the...

5th December

Editorial comment – Safety at sea

Members of the public have been asked to adhere to safety rules when out at sea. In a statement on Monday, the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) urged people to adhere to safety messages and strictly follow maritime safety rules as we head into the festive season. Many Fijians, it said, plan to visit...