Practise what you learn DYON

STUDYING, the language of newspapers should be more meaningful now, especially for those of you who are putting into practice what you are learning through the Design Your Own Newspaper project. With each new week, and as we draw closer to the end of the term, your newspapers should now be taking shape and we...

This will really help

“ THIS will really help our students develop their language skills,” said Sigatoka Andhra Sangam College principal Kinisena Kurisaqila.

DYON project tests students skills

THE Kaila! Design Your Own Newspaper (DYON) Competition makes students put their writing, photography and creative skills to test and many who usually doubt such skills actually come out successful through the competition. This was the view of Nadia Bano who was the editor of the Kamil Muslim College DYON team in 2011. Ms Bano...