The Description nominated for best Hindi song category

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Punal Chand, also known as ‘The Description’. Picture: SUPPLIED

Composer, Punal Chand, also known as ‘The Description’, says to be nominated for the upcoming 2023 FIPRA Music Awards is an honour.

His songs Sochta Hoon Zara (Feat Sunidhi Raj) and Kho Gaya (Feat Sunidhi Raj) — are nominated in the Best Hindi Song category.

“To be honest, it was unexpected that my songs would be nominated,” he said.

“I am very pleased and also excited for my nominations.” Throughout his journey, music has always offered guidance.

“For me music is all around us and it has helped me in many ways. “It helped me through my struggles, and even helped me when I was happy and sad.

“The different situations I faced in my life made me a better music producer, singer and song writer.”

The Description recently released two songs, Faasla and Kho Gaye 2.0 — which is a remake of the song nominated.

“I am planning to release may be around three more songs this year which will be not only Hindi but a mixture of Hindi, English and Fijian.”

He said his family and friends had been his greatest supporters.

“My sister has always supported me financially during my uni life and I would also like to thank Mr Peter Rockfor, all the way from Hawaii, who believed in me and my music when no one else did.

“He is one of my greatest supporters.”

His advice to budding artists is “if you have that potential and interest in taking your music to the next level, then go for it. Believe in yourself and your music”.

He said he was also open to helping other upcoming artists in terms of guidance, music mastering and mixing.