RBF: Keep track of bank account activities

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The Reserve Bank of Fiji. Picture: FILE

The Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF) is urging customers to check their bank accounts regularly and keep track of account activities.

The RBF states in its Complaints Management Bulletin for the first three months of 2022 that 70 per cent of complaints received were related to the banking sector.

“There was one fraud-related matter reported in the quarter regarding missing account funds,” states the report.

“In response, the respective bank carried out internal investigations and discovered evidence of fraud committed by an ex-staff member not only on the complainant’s account, but on a number of other bank accounts.

“In this instance, the bank was quick to refund all the affected account holders.”

The RBF said it also received complaints related to customer service and fees and charges.

“The complaints were mainly about incomplete and incorrect advice from bank frontline staff.

“Similar complaints were raised regarding bank fees and charges where frontline staff members were unable to explain the increases in certain fees and charges or new fees being applied.”