Rabuka wishes Fiji 7s team well

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Fiji Airways Fiji 7s men’s squad member Manuaeli Maisamoa is greeted by Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka during their farewell in Nadi yesterday. Picture: FIJI GOVERNMENT

PRIME Minister Sitiveni Rabuka drew attention to the need for “unity and love” within the Fiji Airways Fiji 7s teams while bidding the players farewell for the upcoming Emirates Dubai 7s and the Cape Town 7s in South Africa.

The left the country yesterday for the first leg of the revamped HSBC SVNS which kicks off this weekend in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai Rabuka, a former Fiji athletics and rugby representative, took the opportunity to convey the nation’s unwavering support and best wishes to the teams.

While speaking to the players, he expressed the collective support of the nation towards the Fiji 7s teams.

He emphasised that the entire country stands behind these talented athletes and their remarkable achievements contribute to the overall morale and spirit of Fijians.

Moreover, Rabuka emphasised the significance of unity and love within the team, encouraging them to support each other and foster a strong sense of camaraderie.

He encouraged the players to give their all on the field and play to the best of their ability.

In concluding his farewell message, Rabuka invoked words of encouragement and faith as he wished the Fiji men’s and women’s 7s team God’s blessings along their journey.

He expressed confidence in their abilities and urged them to play with passion, resilience, and the warrior spirit that has become synonymous with Fijian rugby.

Meanwhile, the Fijiana 7s faces Great Britain, South Africa and New Zealand in pool play.

They take on Great Britain on Saturday, December 2, at 5.44pm, followed by clashes against South Africa at 8.43pm and New Zealand on Sunday, December 3, at 1.35am.

The Fiji men’s side faces USA, France and Great Britain.

The side faces USA on Saturday at 6.06pm before taking on France at 9.52pm.

They clash with Great Britain at 3.50am on Sunday.