Police coach says sorry

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The champion Police Blues team celebrate winning the 47th Fiji Bitter Marist 7s at the HFC Bank Stadium in Suva on Saturday, March 18, 2023. Picture: FIJI POLICE

Whatever happens inside the rugby field should be buried there when the referee blows the final whistle.

Those were the words of Police Blue coach Sale Tubuna who apologised on behalf of his players regarding an incident that was highlighted in this newspaper yesterday.

“Those are mental games, when you use some language, at times foul language to intimidate your opponent,” Tububna said.

“We take no grudge against other teams who treated us the same way.

“But I just want to ask for forgiveness from the Duibana players, if my players may have hurt you in any way, please see that as an act in the heat of the moment.

“After the game, we shook hands and we forgot that and moved on to our next game.

“Against the Fiji 1, it was intense, the exchange of words flown around but we joke again after the final.

“I can’t deny that my players did that.”

Meanwhile, Police Blue team is expected to be in full force during the 2nd Fiji Bitter Tabadamu 7s tournament at Lawaqa Park today and tomorrow.

After winning the Marist 7s tournament, beating Fiji 1 15-5 in the final last weekend, head coach Sale Tubuna said the players were only recovering this week as they prepared for another weekend of brutal rugby.

The side left for Sigatoka on Wednesday to prepare and acclimatise themselves to the Nadroga weather.

“This week the players rested well as our coaching team knows what is ahead of us,” Tubuna said.

“For us, we see within this week, we can not look for more fitness because it will affect the players’ game.

“Fatigue is a major downfall of any team because we tend to think on consecutive weeks of playing 7s rugby, we still have to push the players for more fitness.

“We just have to reset the mindset of our players because after last weekend’s final win, if we take that with us at the Tabadamu 7s, then it can affect the players’ part to perform on the field.”

He said with players in the team playing together on several occasions, he knew the players would end this weekend again on a winning note.

“The team is injury-free and we are ready to have a go at the $6000 prizemoney at stake,” Tubuna said.

“I know we have been preparing well for the tournament.”

The Tabadamu 7s starts today and the final is scheduled for tomorrow.