PEOPLE | Sunny Deol : The officer in boots

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Sunny Deol during soccer training. Picture FIJI POLICE

AS members of our security forces get ready for the much anticipated 34th Sukuna Bowl, a law enforcement officer is keen to have an impressive outing on the pitch against the men in green.
He is 26-year-old Police Constable (PC) Sunny Deol.
A rising football star in his own right and a former Nadroga soccer player,
Sunny will feature for police in the 2023 Vodafone Ratu Sukuna Soccer Tournament, scheduled for next Wednesday.
Sunny hails from Kabisi in Nadroga.
He is based at the Navua Police Station and currently plays for the Navua District side in the local football competition.
An interesting fact about Sunny is that he was named after Bollywood actor, film director and producer Sunny Deol.
His grandmother was a huge fan of the actor and Bollywood movies, which resulted in Sunny being christened after the Indian star.
Coming from a farming background, Sunny said: “There are five of us and we used to help our parents on the farm after school.”
“We would work until it was dark, come home, have dinner and find time to study before sleeping,” he shared.
Sunny’s passion for soccer started at an early age when he attended and represented Tuva Primary School and Nadroga Arya College.
This year, Sunny and his team mates have big shoes to fill, with the absence of many of their senior players who are currently in the Solomon Islands, representing Fiji at the Pacific Games.
Despite the setback, he said they were ready for the challenge.
The 2023 Vodafone Ratu Sukuna Bowl Soccer match between the Fiji Police Force and the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) will be held on November 29 at the Fiji Football Academy Grounds at 11am.