MOU to benefit aspiring accountants

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TSLS chief executive offi cer Dr Hasmukh Lal, left, and Fiji Institute of Chartered Accountants president Rajeshwar Singh at the MoU signing in Garden City, Raiwai, Suva. Picture: SUPPLIED.

A landmark collaboration between the Fiji Institute of Chartered Accountants (FICA) and the Tertiary Scholarships and Loans Service (TSLS) is expected to strengthen commitment to the development and advancement of the accounting profession in Fiji.

The collaboration, sealed through a memorandum of understanding (MoU) last week, will foster a robust partnership that benefits aspiring accountants and the industry.

Under the agreement, FICA will actively engage with TSLS to understand and address the evolving needs of accounting profession, ensuring that academic programs align with industry requirements.

“This MoU signifies a significant step forward in our commitment to nurturing and developing the next generation of accounting professionals,” said FICA president Rajeshwar Singh.

“By working closely with TSLS, we aim to bridge the gap between academia and industry, ensuring that aspiring accountants are well-equipped for the challenges of the profession.”

Chief executive officer of TSLS, Dr Hasmukh Lal said FICA was the first to ink the MoU.

“The plan is now cemented to provide scaffolding support to the sponsored students with industry mentoring sessions to improve pass and completion rates,” Dr Lal said.

“This will assist students graduating on time and joining workforce with industry knowledge. The regular engagements in this partnership will be for allocation of scholarships for entry, paraprofessionals, and professional accounting studies to help small, medium, and large enterprises, respectively.”