Ministry hunts for space for ‘evicted’

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Minister for Local Government and Housing, Maciu Nalumisa. Picture: FIJI GOVERNMENT

Local Government Minister Maciu Nalumisa says they are looking for space within the Government development leases to house evicted residents of informal settlements.

This was revealed during a recent consultation held with residents from Waisasa settlement in Tacirua outside Suva, and landowners.

The land will soon be undergoing private development by the landowners.

During the consultation, residents pleaded to the Ministry of Local Government and Housing for a piece of land where they could relocate to.

Mr Nalumisa said they would continue to look after the welfare and security of informal settlements.

“The assistance that we can provide now, because they (Waisasa residents) have been given notices, maybe we’ll have to look at some of the development leases that had been acquired by Government in some of those informal settlements that are around in Sakoca as well as other areas,” Mr Nalumisa said.

“That is also something that I’ve advised my team to check whether there are some spaces within the existing development leases that we’ve acquired if there are spaces then we can accommodate those that are willing to move.

“That is the position that we are willing to take.

” He said after meeting with the developers of Waisasa, they would be looking for space to house the soon to be displaced families.

“But for that we are also having consultation with the developers on how best we can move the case because I know there are more than 100 families there.

“They also held a consultation lately and now that the development lease is on their hand, the only way forward for us is to look for spaces from within our development leases if there are spaces then we can accommodate them.”