Letters to the Editor | Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford scores their second goal from the penalty spot past Everton’s Jordan Pickford during their Premier League clash yesterday. Picture: ACTION IMAGES VIA REUTERS/JASON CAIRNDUFF

Smiles for Man United fans

Finally, after some time, Manchester United has brought smiles to its fans around the world with a convincing win against Everton in English Premier League match yesterday. The 3-0 win has brought some relief to the red devil’s fans. What awed me the most was the sumptuous bicycle kick strike from the wonder kid Alejandro Garnacho. His strike was superb and beyond. Commentators said it is the goal if the season, but I say it is the goal of the seasons. Arun Prasad Dilkusha, Nausori

Fiji soccer standards

The four giant clubs from Fiji soccer went to New Zealand to play in the Pacific Cup. None of them qualified for the final. What a performance by these clubs who waste so much money to go to the Pacific Cup and they couldn’t even qualify for the finals. Just shows the real standard of Fiji soccer. Hopefully Fiji Football Association can see what the soccer public can see. Geoffrey Chand Lautoka

Watching pornography

I’m appalled and shocked to see the high number of Fijians watching pornography via excessive amount of internet data usage which was captured in the FT 23/11/23 (Pg 2). Fiji has a small population of less than one million people and I would like to see the list of names of Fijians that watch these sites via IP addresses (according to divisions) because they need help to solve their problem of hunger for lust and sex? You will be shocked to see the diverse names of people who visit these porn sites? Otherwise close these sites permanently or relevant ministry, NGOs and faith-based organisations should elaborate more on the implications of watching pornography in three local languages followed by research evidence? #SAYNO2PORNOGRAPHY Jioji M Cakacaka Carreras-Votualevu, Nadi

Domestic violence

I strongly suggest that the Fiji Corrections Service reviews its indifferent position on domestic violence in their living quarters (FT 26/11). Pardon the idiom commissioner, but you have a mixed bag of DV policies at your gate, and I am the least surprised that you are unable to contain the rising domestic violence cases involving corrections officers. The recent death of a mother in Narewa, Nadi should remind us all that when we turn a blind eye, we are allowing domestic violence to fester into something more tragic. Samu Railoa Nadi

The word ‘coup’

There was a time not too long ago when many people in Fiji did not know what the word “coup” was or meant. Today many might still not know the meaning of the word “loot”. It’s etymology is Sanskrit/Hindi. It got to be part of the English language during the British Raj in India. There was a lot of looting in the colonies under British colonialism and every other European colonial power. This was often of the blatant kind. The Nazis did mind blowing looting during its reign in power. Rogue regimes in Asia, Africa and Latin America and even in Europe, loot from their own people. In the modern world looting often takes a more sophisticated and subtle form with legal subterfuge. It would be in the public interest for people to acquire a good understanding of what loot means in its various manifestations. Rajend Naidu Sydney, Australia

Hamas issue

I do sincerely feel for the Palestinian civilians who were put under an obligation to be the human shield not for a democratic government, but for the Iran-backed organisation Hamas. However, where was the executive director for DIVA when Hamas infiltrated, tortured, raped, slaughtered and took Israeli and foreigners hostage? I did not hear her make noise or stand up for the hapless victims of the Hamas planned massacre of 7/10, yet she’s now pleading for our support to sanction and boycott Israel. Look within and into the mirror, it might help first at home! AREKI DAWAI Suva

A force to reckon

While one congratulates our women’s sevens team in successfully securing a gold medal at the Pacific Games, the performance of Papua New Guinea was worthy of noting. Team Papua New Guinea was super fit and delivered rock solid tackles which left our ladies back peddling. The determination on defence and attack makes Team PNG a force to reckon with in future. One hopes that under the banner of the Melanesian spirit, Fiji invites PNG to participate in a few tournaments. The ability to mobilise such a team for the Pacific Games is an indication of their coaches ability but given more exposure, one can assume that without a doubt, that Team PNG is a force to reckon with in the sevens rugby arena. FLOYD ROBINSON Micronesia

FTU Southern Zone sports meet!

The Fiji Teachers Union, being the largest trade union in Fiji, organised the Southern Zone sports meet at Rishikul Sanatan College on Saturday. The host branch was Suva, and the participating teams were Nasinu and Rewa. The weather was just best for sports and FTU members competed against each other for the spoils. As chairperson of the host branch, I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to Rohit Deo and Eliki Nukutabu for covering the event. The FTU members, who took part in the sports meet, felt special as they were given recognition by the trusted brand and the people’s newspaper. Teachers play a vital role in nation building and such small acts of recognition boosts their morale and dignity. The Fiji Times always covers FTU activities and events, including annual conferences, national elections, organised celebrations like Women’s and Teacher’s Day and the zonal meets, and for this, I’m indebted to Fred Wesley and his dedicated team at The Fiji Times. Thank you for the coverage! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Parking space

Can the Fiji Roads Authority allocate a parking space for the disabled on the main street of Labasa Town? At present wheelchair users have to use car parks that are quite a distance away from the main town centre. It is a tiring task for wheelchair users to wheel themselves to the main town area. Having a reserved parking space in the main street will significantly improve accessibility and convenience for individuals with disabilities. This initiative aligns with the principles of inclusivity and ensures that everyone, regardless of physical abilities, can participate fully in community life. The implementation of a designated parking space may require some adjustments to the existing infrastructure, such as installing appropriate signage, ensuring proper ramp access and ensuring that the space is well-maintained and easily identifiable. The Fiji Roads Authority could collaborate with local disability advocacy groups and organisations to gather insights and recommendations to make the designated parking space as user-friendly as possible. Let’s remain optimistic that this request is brought to the attention of someone who empathises with the challenges faced by wheelchair users and that prompt action is taken in response. SANJEET PRASAD Mani Rd, Bulileka, Labasa

Driving tests

Again, increasing concern from the public and relevant authorities with respect to the spiralling road deaths, accidents and driving standards in Fiji is getting some attention. The latest announcement from the LTA that driving examiners and driving schools across the country are now under heightened scrutiny raises the question as to why now? Is LTA suggesting that their past and recent scrutiny has not been adequate? Most countries continually year by year monitor and scrutinise their driving test examination pass rates and make this data easily available to the public. This provides the examining authority with the information that shows an average country wide pass rate so that they can ensure the examination is fair and neither too easy nor too difficult. The data continually collected on pass rates also reveals discrepancies between examination test centres and individual examiners. Simply, if it is seen that the pass rate at one test centre or examiner is 95 per cent and at another is 50 per cent, the alarm bells are immediately rung. For info, the average pass rate in the UK for the first attempt at the practical driving test where the examiner sits with the candidate and makes the decision to pass or fail is around 50 per cent. LTA advised last week that “data is being collated and will be provided shortly”, regarding Fiji’s driving test pass rates. If this data has not already been collated, how have things been scrutinised to date? GRAHAME STAGEMAN Lami

Municipal CEO

May I ask the Minister for Local Government on what is happening to those highly paid CEOs of all municipalities whose contracts have expired? Why are they still in office when someone can do the same job on half pay of what that CEO is paid. I remember a CEO from the western municipality is paid about $150k. Geoffrey Chand Lautoka

Road rehab

The Kings Rd section between Rakiraki and Lautoka was very impressive, compared with the last time I travelled through. The few portions of the road that were always “rocky” for donkey years, have been unexpectedly upgraded. I am grateful for the great effort the FFP had made. Even going from Korovou Town to Nalawa Police Station, Ra, was unbelievable. And respective works are still in progress. What a scene! Samu Silatolu Nakasi

Suki survey

We are going to have a suki survey. Suki, the dried tobacco leaf when rolled up and smoked is probably 10 times stronger than the cigarette. People are switching to suki because it is stronger and cheaper. I know this survey with grog consumption can teach us a lot of things. Vinaka Dr Devina Nand for the initiative. Sukha Singh Labasa

Little children

There are sightings and reports of little children wandering alone on the roadside and in towns, wow, what’s wrong parents and guardians. When children face death on the road side from car accidents, the drivers get blamed? Tukai Lagonilakeba Nadi

A blackout

Normally I do not mind an electrical blackout. All my electrical appliances go off. But yesterday’s (Sunday) blackout was at the wrong time and was too long to restore. I was watching the boxing program on TV when the blackout happened. It was a Sunday with a very low electricity demand. I would just like to know why it took almost two hours to restore power? EFL, if you need help in power restoration, just let me know the next time! Sukha Singh Labasa

Porn ban

Sin lies in the heart, simmering in thought, and boils over into action. We Christians ought not point to pornography and all that’s outside as the cause of “problems and lousy crime”, because the Bible says what goes into the mouth cannot corrupt the heart. Rather, we should be anxious about what comes out of our mouths. Wasn’t this the gist of Jesus’s parable in Matthew 15:11, that what we say and do are outward expressions of our souls? Samu Railoa Nadi