Letters to the Editor | Thursday, November 23, 2023

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The Fiji Times recognising the duration of service of five of its employees who retired. These were five of the longest serving employees. They were Poasa Waqa (67), Charlie Mohammed Khan (65), Taniela Tiko (65), Ropate Toni (69) and Ratu Wilisoni Tuitubua (64). Picture: FT FILE

Long time with Times

Such a beautiful piece of down memory lane, which was shared by Zifirah Vunileba (22/11), as The Fiji Times’ longest serving employees, who retired in 1975, were recognised for their years of service. The article was published on July 8, 1975 as the likes of Poasa Waqa, 67, Charlie Mohammed Khan, 65, Taniela Tiko, 65, Ropate Toni, 69, and Ratu Wilisoni Tuitubua, 64, stood tall as The Fiji Times recognised their efforts, commitment, dedication and passion to serve readers of Fiji’s trusted brand. Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

FCCC and sci-fi

I read somewhere while browsing the news sites while sipping tea that the FCCC is now working on making the reporting system for overcharging consumers more accessible. The article also stated that they are also looking at ATM-type set-ups for complaints in towns that do not have a FCCC office. Joel bhaiya, how effective is your FCCC in combating this crime committed by traders on consumers in towns and cities which do have FCCC offices? Each time you are asked a question by the media, you seem to be working on some system. Come on man, all those years doing work that is highly technical in nature (your own line paraphrased), you are still trying to figure out how to deal with unscrupulous businesses! Brother, each time you are asked a tough question (easy actually), you lament the limitations or lack of policy in policing and punishing offenders. I get it. You must follow the law at all times, eh! Easy escape line, eh! Taciqu, ditch those ulubale and take up muay thai, and scare the intestines out of those thieves. Just please don’t tell us sci-fi stuff like ATM-type machines that will collect complaints. Areh, come on man. Donald Singh Suva

Male advocate

A first step to eliminating gender violence against women and girls is for men and boys to be agents of change. However, due to the complexity of social issues, women and girls should always be at the centre or forefront and it should be women-led. As men, we should not take away the limelight from women because it will deviate from the benevolent cause of reversing the cycle of GBV and inequalities that have stronghold roots in our communities. Credit is always and should only be due to women. If you’re thinking that you should be praised for doing this work, maybe you should rethink that you are in for the wrong cause. Jioji Masivesi Cakacaka Carreras, Votualevu, Nadi

Termite awareness

Despite warnings from authorities for residents to turn off their security lights and other lights from 6pm to 8pm, I see lights at many houses blazing away. We need to get these messages to the people of Viti Levu since termites have reached all over. I was travelling to Nadi when I saw swarms of termites at street lights and homes that had their porch lights on. People sit unaware in their homes watching TV and using social media while the termites swarm their homes. May be more awareness should be carried out in all towns on Viti Levu. The cost of homes getting affected by termites is just too great to ignore or take for granted. Navneet Ram (TD) Lautoka

The right attitude

WHEN we continue to pick up litter and rubbish others have carelessly discarded in our environment, we know that there is still much to be done in terms of engendering civic pride in our people, as well as instilling the right attitude and the awareness to do the right thing. Apart from that, it can also mean that our related laws may not have enough teeth or the appropriate mechanisms on the ground, to properly enforce, police, and monitor the provisions that are clearly spelt out in these legislations, regulations, and programs. Edward Blakelock Admiral Circle, Pacific Harbour

Standing Order 51

Listening to the Opposition MP Jone Usamate on his argument in Standing Order 51, I start to wonder whether he has a short memory. He argued that every single Bill brought before Parliament by the Coalition Government was done through Standing Order 51. (FT 22/11) Has he forgotten that during the FijiFirst government, of which he was a member, I believe they were abusing Standing Order 51 with every Bill they brought to Parliament? By the look of Mr Usumate on TV when making his argument on Bill 51, one wonders how advanced in age he looks, which may be the contributing factor to his short-lived memories at least I assume. Sa qase beka ga. KOSITATINO TIKOMAIBOLATAGANE Vuninokonoko Rd, Navua

Embracing new heights 

ONE hundred and seventythree students graduated from the Fulton Adventist University College in Sabeto, Nadi, last Sunday. However, I believe it is easy to fixate on academic achievements and intellectual prowess alone. True education, in my humble opinion, extends far beyond textbooks and exams. A truly educated person, not only excels in their chosen field but is also emotionally balanced, socially responsible, and ethically grounded. The empowerment to navigate the complexities of the world. In embracing holistic education, I believe, we sow the seeds of a future, where men and women rise not only in stature but also in virtue. A generation that stands as a beacon of morality, integrity and wisdom. SAMU SILATOLU NAKASI

After the funeral!

I have a very good friend from India who is a cricket tragic living in Sydney. At the start of the Cricket World Cup final, just to have a dig at him, I texted “India will lose its first game in this World Cup today”, with a thumb’s up emoji. He replied: “Aussie speaking” with a laughing emoji. After the game I texted: “Told you so” with another thumbs up emoji. I have not heard back from him so far. I am sure he will be in touch after the “funeral” is over! Jan Nissar Sydney, NSW, Australia

Missed opportunities

It’s a waiting game for the Bula Boys after they drew nil-all with Tahiti in their final pool match at the Pacific Games in Honiara. After the Kula Girls survived the late onslaught by Vanuatu to win 3-2, hopes were high that the boys would beat Tahiti and qualify for the semi-finals. However, the Fiji team was left to rue the numerous goal-scoring opportunities by the likes of Sairusi Nalaubu, Roy Krishna, Nabil Begg and Etonia Dogalau. In what was described as a physical and exciting encounter, Tevita Waranivalu was given the marching orders. The maro bhago pattern, which has been criticised by many football fans, was an eyesore although the boys showed glimpses of teamwork and had they been on target, we would have been celebrating a historic win. Fiji will now hope that Tahiti doesn’t beat Northern Marianas by more than 10 goals, because if Tahiti manages to get more than 10 goals then Fiji will not make the semis. We were our own enemy. Until Friday, let’s keep our fingers crossed! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Business issue

Businesses not issuing receipts to customers is it a way of hiding their deceit? Inflation has affected everyone be it businesses, consumers we all have to buy. Recently I picked 10 pieces of a product and I was charged for 18 pieces. The cashier had done her count before entering into the system. Are their counting skills so weak? Bright smiles and good day wishes with such acts surely mismatches. How are we consumers to adjust our cost of living if tags, tills, cashiers and receipts don’t tally. Be it an entrepreneur, employee or consumer we all have to spend so those responsible let’s put an end to this trend. Prameeta Chand Namadi Heights, Suva

School holidays

THE kids will soon finish their exams and then have their year-end holiday. But how was she going to manage them now that their father has gone away? They must be kept busy, with something to do each day. Otherwise they’ll get bored easily, if there is no incentive or even pay! She must remain positive and steady, so that they can all get through this. She must remain firm and ready, to overcome all the stress and crisis. Edward Blakelock Admiral Circle Pacific Harbour

Word copyright

I think there should be a copyright on the word methodology. Mohammed Imraz Janif Natabua, Lautoka

Good road

Travelling from Lautoka to Suva via the Kings highway, the condition of the road is good now. Thank you Fiji Roads Authority for upgrading it. Navneet Ram (TD) Lautoka

Ceasefire plea

Ceasefire first then talk to save innocent lives. Tahir Ali Hamilton, New Zealand

Eye check

Samu Silatolu says “the Gazan population” is reaping what it “sowed” (FT 22/11) to rationalise Israel’s collective punishment of the Palestinian people. So after his eye check up can he look up what the Jew population in Europe had “sowed” for genocide to be perpetrated on them by Hitler and the Nazis? Rajend Naidu Sydney, Australia


Easy on him please Nishant Singh (FT 22/11). I believe gone are the good old days when FEA (EFL) was a service-driven organisation. I believe power will be restored soon all around Fiji. Navneet Ram (TD) Lautoka

Grog policy

Ajay Kumar’s observations that grog drinking for civil servants prohibited at work seems to have been reversed, as they were drinking while working during Cyclone Mal (FT 17/11). I believe they were having a few bowls to energise themselves. Committed to work to save lives and properties.Service before self. In emergency any policy should be temporarily shelved. Life safety first. Tahir Ali Hamilton, New Zealand

New normal

Nowadays we see people of all ages looking down on their electronic gadgets for long periods of time. It made me wonder if this has drastically reduced the opportunities to engage and talk back and forth with people, like in person. It’s rather sad! Wise Muavono Balawa, Lautoka

That threat

Is the Sugar Minister dead serious about bulldozing cane farms if farmers hoard the wrong varieties of cane to the mills? In what capacity is Charan Jeath Singh’s appalling threat validated? Mr Prime Minister, are you hearing this? There were a handful of ministers in the former FijiFirst regime (including the former A-G) who used to make a mockery of themselves by uttering comparable nonsense. With such babble statements, Mr Singh is fast turning into a laughing stock of the Coalition Government. A clown of works indeed. I do not own a cane farm but have a small vegetable and flower garden at home. I dare Mr Singh to come over and bulldoze it! Or are you just all bark and no bite? Nishant Singh Lautoka