Letters to the Editor | Saturday, November 18, 2023

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Chand said his parents were his role models in life and he aspired to live by their examples. Picture: NAVNESH REDDY

Through thick and thin

Lakhmi Chand, who believes in the personal mantra that no one should stop working until the body gives up, shared his inspirational story with Navnesh Reddy via the People column (14/11). His message was short and simple, but carried a lot of weight, “The moment you stop, your life will come to a standstill. My advice to the younger generation is to stay away from alcohol and other harmful substances and just work hard.” I agree with Chand that facing hardships in life can make it more difficult to achieve success, but it does not make it impossible. Chand’s story was heart-touching, as he recalled fighting many battles to achieve his dreams and be where he stands today. Chand shared that the foundation of his business was laid at a young age through the good values that his parents instilled in him. Reading his story, brought memories of my school days, walking the distance from Taganikula to reach Nadogo Secondary School. Thus, Chand’s tough childhood helped mould his character and has enabled him to appreciate and respect the opportunities that came his way. Chand’s success was a result of his hard work. He also paid tribute to his parents, who were his role models, and inspired him to live by their example. Chand’s story is real. It is one, which is based on patience, struggle and dedication, and is worth sharing with our young readers. Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Bus cards for seniors

ARE senior citizens being shortchanged on the monthly concessionary busfare cards? It is supposed to be $25 per month, then they were told, no that’s not really the case. If their card still had a balance when they go to get their card topped up by the $25, the card is only topped up by the difference between the balance in the card and the $25. But that’s not all. Now, I believe some are only getting even less than the difference, for unknown and unannounced reasons. For instance, 96 cents was the balance left, but the top up was $17.07 instead of $24.04. Something is amiss here. If this is the same situation for other card holders, then it seems that a substantial sum is going somewhere else and not to the poor senior citizen cardholders who now have to forego some travel. I hope the authorities can address this and very soon please. Edward Blakelock Admiral Circle, Pacific Harbour

Speaking up

Since my yaca Jon L Apted has encouraged the Fiji public to speak up and hold our public office holders accountable on matters of national interest, I have a couple of questions for Dr Jemesa Tudravu. But before I ask those, let me first share the premise behind those questions. Namely that it is now fairly clear that the source of pretty much all of COVID’s cytotoxicity, is its so-called S-Protein. And that being the case, can Dr Tudravu please try to explain to the Fiji public:  How it is that COVID S-Proteins are so toxic that they warrant lockdowns and mandates when they are deployed by a COVID virus. Yet when the exact same toxic S-Proteins are produced by human cells after COVID vaccination mRNA-hacking, then all of a sudden we don’t care about their toxicity any more? What kind of “science” is that? Surely the COVID S-Protein is either too toxic – in which case why hack human cells to produce them perhaps indefinitely through mRNA vaccines? Or it isn’t too toxic. In which case, why even vaccinate against it in the first place?  Can Dr Tudravu also please cite any scientific studies or EUA trial data that can indicate how many toxic S-Proteins any given mRNA vaccine-hacked human or animal cells will produce before their mRNA-hack finally “times out”? And can he also cite trial data showing when those “mRNA hack timeouts” occurred (on average)? Either during the EUA Phase 2 trials? Or during any other subsequent scientific studies that looked at measuring when mRNA hacked cells finally stop producing toxic COVID S-Proteins?  Since I believe it is clear today that none of the COVID vaccines has been able to sustainably prevent either COVID infection, or COVID transmission, can Dr Tudravu therefore offer some other rationale as to why he is recommending their “elevation” to Fiji’s national vaccination schedule? John Samisoni Wailoku, Suva

EFL profits, allowance

If EFL, a service provider, makes $52 million profit annually than they should use that to improve their infrastructure and not propose an increase in tariff for the consumers. If the Fijian government minister’s overseas travel expenses like travel, food and accommodation is paid by the Fijian Government than there is no need for the $3000 daily allowance that is currently paid. A $500 allowance should suffice. Vijay P Madhavan Borron Rd, Suva

State House

How many acres of land does the State House sit on? And there is only a very small space that houses the administrative blocks and other ancillary buildings and properties used by officers for the President. I believe the maintenance of those huge useless empty lots are a humongous waste of taxpayers’ money. I personally feel that only four acres of land is good enough for their purpose and the balance of land areas can be put to better use by Government. TUKAI LAGONILAKEBA  Nadi

Reading habit

Reading is a basic skill that helps in learning and education It is a habit that is so valuable It stimulates the mind to action Reading is the foundation Of most forms of learning activities Reading to learn is essential But learning to read is the prerequisite For reading to learn There is a general decline in reading habit Amongst people, especially children Across the world, including Fiji Reading habit needs to start with parents While parents are busy nurturing the habit Of eating, talking, walking, sleeping and manners In their children It’s equally vital to instil reading habit Encourage them to be addicted to reading Rather that get them addicted to mobiles It will improve their memory and vocabulary That will enable them to learn new thing Improve their focus and concentration Parents and teachers play a crucial role They can set a goal by creating a list of books They can schedule interesting reading sessions to children During morning, lunchtime and before going to sleep Once children love to listen to what is read Then mesmerise them to read interesting And enchanting stories with parental guidance Choose a conducive and congenial place To read away from any distractions You are what you read, when you read You become a designer, a detective, a dancer A performer, a teacher, the list goes on Reading helps to overcome boredom and loneliness It sparks and sparkles imagination Inculcating the habit of active reading in children is valuable Because it promotes thinking about what you read And also encourage them to be able to comment This symbolizes their understanding of what they read Books are passports other worlds By reading one gains knowledge to stimulate wisdom In reading lies knowledge In knowledge lies the future The reading habit needs to begin at an early age Once reading habit is kindled in children At an early age it is indelible and enduring Will live with them for life Let’s work together to inculcate a sound reading habit In our children so that they bloom Into active learning children of Fiji It will boost the literacy rate of our nation A literate nation is a promising nation. Bhagwanji Bhindi Laucala Beach Estate, Nasinu

TC Mal

We celebrated Diwali on Monday, and Tuesday night we were struck by TC Mal which was a Category 3 system, according to the Nadi weather office. The whole of Tuesday night through midday Wednesday, TC Mal kept on the path it was projected to follow. Some parts of Western Viti Levu were hit quite badly. I believe the system didn’t have much rain associated with it hence flooding was a non issue. Luckily the cyclone didn’t make landfall otherwise the story would have been different. We are also lucky to see no human casualties. I think this time all our people took heed of the advice given by the Government. Let’s maintain the high sense of adherence and vigilance to keep ourselves and all our family members safe. Suresh Chand Nadi

Hornet’s nest

The rhetorical question of the year goes to our PM, Honourable Rabuka for asking the journalists “who stirred the hornets’ nest?” Sa dina! Arun Prasad Dilkusha, Nausori

Tit for tat!

I love that saying. You “tit” someone to get whatever “tat” you want. But be very aware you might get the “toot” at a later date. Anyways! “Moce bruh…regards to Bondi”. Joe Matatolu Waila 3A

Honour her

Marrying a woman doesn’t mean that she is your personal property like a house or car. She is a human being and should be treated with respect and utmost care at all times. Make her your queen, love her with honour and give her a reason to treat you the same. #End violence againstourwoman&girls. Jioji Masivesi Carreras, Votualevu, Nadi

Moment in time

Fijians are entitled to draw their own conclusions on criticisms against SODELPA as and when they see fit, but constructively if l may add. SODELPA is now following the same road as the FLP who have zero seats from four past elections, but SODELPA from 27 seats in the 2018 national election to only three seats now in our 2022 election and come 2026, they are virtually on the verge of extinction so they are making the most of their coalition time and enjoying the benefits now as kingmakers. Tukai Lagonilakeba Nadi

Our referees

Congratulations to Lavenia Racaca for being appointed to officiate at the HSBC 7s. What would be even more progressive is if women are allowed to officiate in men’s games. In any case, we referees are the best, because, in the end, we determine who wins! Jan Nissar Sydney, NSW, Australia


This nuisance has been tolerated for many years (FT 16/11). Perhaps the parents, the church, and the vanua should collectively educate the community that it is culturally inappropriate to shamelessly wander house to house demanding for Diwali treats, while interrupting prayer rituals and family gatherings in the process. With the inflated cost of living and unforeseen circumstances, not everyone Hindu household has the drive to celebrate the festival of lights in an opulent manner. This includes making an array of sweets and distributing them to various communities. A factor which I believe the daring and the defiant “aunty kere sweets gang” fails to grasp. And yes, of course we do not ask for salivating lovo and palusami during Christmas, for we have been better mentored at home. Nishant Singh Lautoka