Letters to the Editor | Saturday, March 2, 2024

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Tourists enjoy the activity at Sawani Village last month. Picture: RUSIATE VUNIREWA

Sustainable tourism

KEEPING Fiji consistently beautiful is critical for our future and also embracing sustainable tourism, as declared by the tourism CEO. In my opinion, tourists are attracted to our shores mainly because of the beaches, islands, surroundings, services and stability. Not because of the PM, the President or the Tourism Minister, for that matter. The onus is totally on us and we thank Waste Recycling Fiji Ltd for the great effort and inspiration in the 2024 Global Recycling Day. SAMU SILATOLU Nakasi, Nausori

Extra judicial killings

ANISH Chand’s article, “Family seeks investigation into the death of CRW soldier” (FT 29/02) informs readers that the son of murdered CRW soldier Selestino Kalounivale during the mutiny of November, 2000 has lodged a complaint with the police seeking investigation into his death. At the end of the article, the list of five CRW soldiers who were killed more than two decades ago are given. They were, “Mr Kalouinvale, Jone Davui, Epeneri Bainimoli, Lagani Rokowaqa and Iowane Waseroma”. It is noteworthy that these extra judicial killings have not been investigated, and the perpetrators have not been held to account. There has been no closure for the families of the murdered soldiers. In Prisoner 302, the late PM Lasenia Qarase mentions that he wanted these murders investigated but the military coup put an end to his intention. The immunity provision of the 2013 Constitution cover these murders as well as other extra judicial killings of civilians by our security forces, If and when we revert to a constitution that reflects the will of the people, immunity for the perpetrators of torture, extra judicial killings, and other crimes against humanity must be removed. VIJAY NAIDU Suva

No tariff increase

WOW! My personal and heartiest congratulations, together with the many thousands of “silent voices”, must go to the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission for declining a proposal by Energy Fiji Ltd for an electricity tariff increase. I will stand corrected. EFL, after recording a challenging year in 2022, this monopoly posted a handsome after tax profit of no less than $58.1million in 2023. In spite of this extremely healthy and buoyant turnaround, EFL still saw it fit to seek a tariff increase. This was plain and simple a heartless proposal — lacking national pride pride and respect. More than 50 per cent of our people are struggling to put wholesome three meals on their plates each day. For thousands, their staple diet is three-minute noodles; bread and tinned tuna. Better believe it. I salute FCCC for their bold decision, in the national interest, to decline EFL’s proposal for a tariff increase. Thank you FCCC — congratulations for a job well done. We applaud you, emphatically. RONNIE CHANG Martintar, Nadi

Tariff increase rejected

WHAT a great news for consumers across Fiji that the tariff increase proposed by EFL has been rejected by FCCC. Any increase in tariff rate would have made life more difficult for consumers who are already struggling with rising cost of living. EFL is already in a stable financial position, paying millions in dividends to Government. The tariff increase proposal by EFL was unnecessary. FCCC did the right thing by rejecting the proposal. We can proudly say that FCCC puts the interests of the consumers first. Vinaka FCC! SANJEET PRASAD Labasa

Legal recourse

THOSE people who’ve been physically assaulted and abused during and after the 2006 coup for their stance on democratic ideals should sue the pants off the perpetrators. And well done to people like Jon Apted (FT 26/02) for providing the legal recourse. If those in authority can get away with the butaraki of innocent people then what’s stopping the general public from doing the same thing and hoping to duck the law. It’s time to redress the injustices of the past and to put a stop to violence and abuse of every kind. And it’s long overdue that the RFMF puts its house in order and stop pandering to the whims of politicasters, highbinders and opportunist wannabes. COLIN DEOKI Australia

Insensitive Ben

FOR Ben Gollings to say that he has failed but he thinks every day he learns is really a very insensitive statement from someone given charge of leading the number one team in the world. When you get in a job and inherit the best, you cannot say that you are learning after ruining the business you inherited. Come on Ben, I didn’t expect this kind of ignorance and insensitivity from a person like you. But then we are easily hoodwinked because of our Pacific way of welcoming people with open arms. Little do we realise at times that few come in with a lot of insentivity and the superior complex syndrome. Accept it that you have failed. We are a very small nation who are proud of our success in sevens rugby. Please don’t destroy it for your personal ego. If you really want to learn please become an assistant to a better coach or even join one of the local sevens teams. I am sure the experience will be great for your learning journey. I am wondering what is that iron clause in your contract that is making you so ignorant! Or is it the same syndrome I recently came across; an expatriate telling some very important and respected Pacific islanders to learn the Pacific way! Indeed some things never change. RAJENDRA PRASAD NAKASI, NAUSORI

Expectations and reality

EXPECTATIONS are limitless Reality is defined by limitations The unmet expectation is like a storm’s cold sting But it can painfully slice through Hope’s soft wings The pendulum of expectations Is often different from the reality To have expectations is natural But being aware of reality is vital When expectation is crushed, there is frustration When reality is accepted, there is exhilaration Not accepting failure of expectations Drives us to negativity and depression Expectations inspire us to work harder Reality helps us to act smarter Not accepting failure of expectations Drives us to pessimism and depression Positive expectations promote happiness For all who come in touch with cheerfulness The dreams that once touched the frost of reality Now shrinks under the carpet of unmet actuality Tread your path with care As it’s only you who you will have to dare Let your heart echo both Accept the reality’s cloth Despite what may befall Always learn to stand tall BHAGWANJI Bhindi Laucala Beach Estate, Nasinu

Sevens team

THEY really don’t look like a third spot team, more like one way down the table it seems. They don’t look like Olympics gold medal holders, more like one that won’t be climbing the podium, let alone climb up the points table. Is the issue more managerial and coaching related, or are the players just incapable? Please do better in LA, as it’s becoming a bit ridiculous and fans will have much more to say, about the continued losses! EDWARD BLAKELOCK Pacific Harbour

Tough battle

FOUR exciting battles have been lined up in this weekend’s Skipper Cup matches. The battle of the cities will bring out the best from Suva and Lautoka, while Ba faces Yasawa, Macuata takes on Nadi and Nadroga hosts Namosi. The rivalry between Tailevu and Naitasiri is expected to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Fiji’s provincial rugby competition has emerged as a feeding ground, as players coming from the ranks have made the Swire Shipping Fijian Drua team and have been part of the Flying Fijians campaign. Solid examples are Kitione Salawa Jr, Vilive Miramira, Jone Koroiduadua, Tuidraki Samusamuvodre, Taniela Rakuro, Tevita Ikanivere, Michael Naitokani and Mesake Doge. I commend the Rugby House for setting the platform for players to climb the ranks. Rugby 15s has a bright future, as it sets the pathway for players to either join the Drua or a professional club and make a living. I wish the Stallions all the best as they face Namosi. The empty trophy cabinet in Nadroga hurts. Toso Nadro! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu

Hindi programs

WE have been missing the Hindi FBC TV programs especially on Sundays. Where are the Classic Hour, Yaadon ki Baraat and TV serials? The previous management of FBC TV provided viewers with interesting programs. We request the new management to also provide such entertaining programs for viewers to enjoy. SARITA LAL Lautoka

Mickey Mouse

THAT writer from Aussie is at it again. At least he is following the series of the Mickey Mouse game. Vinaka. EDWARD KUMAR Lautoka

China trip

THE big GCC meet is over. I was looking forward to the report on the implementation of ideas gained from the high-powered trip to China by the GCC delegation late last year. It was a transformative and successful trip, we were told. I guess we all must be patient a little longer. JAN NISSAR Sydney, Australia Saving of 1 cent I AM eagerly looking forward to purchasing my next 12kg cylinder gas because I will be making a saving of 1 cent. Wow. Dou bula ! WISE MUAVONO Balawa, Lautoka

Chiefs for all

THE PM Sitiveni Rabuka is calling on chiefs that they are honoured to be chiefs for all Fijians in Fiji’s diverse society. (FT 29/2) Let’s be united as we stand under the noble banner blue. “Treat all men alike. Give them the same laws. Give them all equal chance to live and grow. All men were made by the same great spirit chief”. — Anon. God bless Fiji. TAHIR ALI Hamilton, New Zealand

Mama Mia

UNFORTUNATELY I wasn’t able to get to see Mama Mia, as I’m sure I would have enjoyed it. But please allow me to correct your journalists’ constant references to it as a Broadway production (25/2 and elsewhere). It premiered in the West End of London in 1999, and then opened in Toronto and various United States venues before finally opening on Broadway in October 2001. PAUL GERAGHTY USP, Suva

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