Letters to the Editor | Friday, December 8, 2023

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Leave Ben alone

ALL coaches want their teams to win, yes, exactly like you and me.

Ben Gollings, a player himself, knows anything and everything about 7s rugby.

Ben has ‘been there, done that’.

Nearly, everyone in Fiji, wants every HSBC 7s game to win.

No, no, let him do his work without being pressured and without fear, please.

He can only direct things for the team before and during halftime in any game time.

I think he is desperately looking for the right players who fits into his mixed flavour.

Just saying eh!

Jioji O Toronibau, Labasa

Colonial concept

I fully agree with Minister of Finance Professor Biman Prasad when he says: “The era where knowledge was seated in rich and 11 industrial countries to be shared with poor developing countries has long gone”.

I believe the World Bank and IMF were created as colonial tools to perpetually keep poor countries in debt and dependent on them.

Pakistan and some of the African and Pacific countries are fine examples of this.

Bharat (India) stopped borrowing from World Bank and IMF some years ago.

Recently, Bharat’s economy crossed the 4 trillion dollar margin and is poised to overtake Japan and Germany’s (4.3 and 4.2 trillion dollars) economies.

By the end of 2024, Bharat’s economy will be close to 4.5 trillion dollars provided there is some stability.

It is for this reason the Modi Government has won three key state elections with wide margins.

The “Modi magic” will win BJP the 2024 Parliamentary elections whatever Leftist/Communist/Capitalist like George Soros alliance throws at the Modi Government.

I strongly believe the UN and its agencies like WHO and ILO have made themselves irrelevant.

These organisations have been infiltrated by leftists and communist groups who organise hurdles and protests (WHO approving Bharat’s COVID vaccine late and FTUC staff standing in front of Indian High Commission in protest) against countries who are making strong economic progress.

By the end of 2024, Bharat’s economy will be the third largest economy of the world after the USA and China.

Rakesh Chand Sharma, Nadi

Turbine deal

It is very clear now that it was all done in a cloud of secrecy where those very important government regulators were not engaged.

Did something else happen?

FICAC and the Fiji Police must be called in to investigate without further delay so the Fijian public may know, that’s our right.

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Secondhand stuff

The second city in Fiji, Lautoka has always been like a secondhand city.

With a lot of secondhand shops (clothing, furniture) now our municipal council (Lautoka City Council) started using secondhand items in projects.

Churchill Park’s new ground has been cordoned off (fenced) by secondhand tin.

New development but used items are used on new projects.

It makes our beautiful city look like a secondhand city.

Shirley Park and now Churchill Park grounds both are in the heart of Lautoka.

No offence to some but why does Lautoka City Council spend so much on beautification work but use old tins to fence the Churchill Park ground?

Do those making decisions at LCC think we are second class citizens?

It is time for some to make way for new people to make decisions.

Geoffrey Chand, Lautoka

Graduation trends

I have seen a growing undesirable trend where children in kindergarten and preschoolers who are moving on to primary school are dressed in obligatory gowns and mortar boards for their school end of the year function, why?

It doesn’t happen with most primary or secondary school graduations and is an extraordinary additional expense for their hard working parents who have to fork out hard-earned money for clothing items that are worn once only.

Even university graduates save costs by hiring their graduation regalia for a small fee.

Granted, the regalia may look smart and creates a good photo-op, but it is nevertheless, unusual, uncomfortable, and even cumbersome to wear in today’s hot weather.

Perhaps our Ministry of Education could issue a directive to eliminate once and for all, the use of gowns and mortar boards for preschoolers at end of school ceremonies beginning in 2024.

But perhaps it’s just me tilting at windmills?

Daniel Fatiaki, Suva


If the restrictions placed on the USP vice-chancellor have been removed, why does he choose to remain in Samoa?

Does he feel unsafe in Fiji?

Perhaps Samoa should consider deporting him back to Fiji.

SANJEET PRASAD, Mani Rd, Bulileka, Labasa

SS from LA

SS, the Nazi from LA seems to get things wrong too often.

No he is not a true reflection of why things are the way they are in Fiji.

In the new liberated Fiji you are now entitled to set high standards.

Jan Nissar, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Overseas tour

After the last Parliament session it seems our ministers are flying all over the globe for very important meetings.

It is also that time of the year when awards are being handed out by various entities.

May I please request an award for the most flying miles by a minister.

They deserve some sort of accolade given the strenuous business class flights to various destinations.

Thank you.

Jagen Prasad, Samabula, Suva

Media get together

It’s good to hear the Australian High Commission held a press club for the media fraternity in Suva to mingle ahead of the festive season and to acknowledge the importance of a free press (FT 7/12).

I hope the gathering remembered the 61 journalists and media workers killed in the line of duty in the War on Gaza.

That’s an awful tragedy.

Rajend Naidu, Sydney, Australia

Good job

According to newspaper reports and TV, it is very nice to hear that the FNPF board, management and staff members are doing an excellent job post COVID-19.

Great stuff and keep up the good work.

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Climate change

I think once the effects of climate change starts affecting the rich and powerful around the world on personal levels, the matter of climate change will zoom to the top of the attention list.

At the moment, it is mostly affecting the needy, poor and vulnerable.

So naturally, it isn’t that important now.

Mohammed Imraz Janif, Natabua, Lautoka

Drua support

Thank you Punjas for the sponsorship for the Drua.

All sponsors want to be with winners and our Drua team is a winner.

Something for Fiji soccer teams to ponder on.

Geoffrey Chand, Lautoka

Fiji soccer

Totally agree with Allan Jesoni regarding Fiji soccer (FT 7/12).

And why is Fiji FA relying on expatriate coaches when there’s a wealth of talent like Allan and many other local coaches who have the skills, the talent and the understanding of developing Fijian soccer players from the grassroots ground up.

And there are ex-Fijian soccer players and coaches living overseas who would be more than willing to lend their support, expertise and experience in helping develop the beautiful game.

We’re willing to work with Fiji FA in getting the game to an international level.

And it won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Balls in your court Fiji FA.

Colin Deoki, Australia

On its way

It was a huge disappointment for sevens rugby fans in Fiji after another tournament loss last weekend.

I think what is more disappointing was the fact that due to unavailability of sponsorship, the tournament was not shown live on free-to-air television.

The money belongs to the corporations and they have the right to decide how it is to be spent.

But I am not disappointed.

I think help is on its way.

Once the medicinal marijuana industry is up and running in Fiji, the relevant institution to oversee operations will surely rise to the occasion.

We are told it is lucrative.

Mohammed Imraz Janif, Natabua, Lautoka

‘R’ plate

Just some food for thought for the LTA.

How about launching a “R” plate program for reckless drivers.

Of course the “R” could be a Re-education program where drivers who display a disregard for the safety of other drivers and road users would have to be reassessed as having the required skills and responsible driving habits to continue driving.

And if they were to pass the three months test they would then be given back their licence without having to display the “R” plate.

And if they were on the “R” program and refused to display the plate then it would mean an instant licence disqualification.

Colin Deoki, Australia

Bravo Waiyevo Hospital

It’s a common complaint made worldwide about the diminishing quality of public health.

So often resources are taken from it so that people either don’t get the services they need or it cost them a great deal of money.

The same cannot be said about Fiji.

Yesterday morning I woke up with COVID-like symptoms, and realising I didn’t have a COVID test with me, I went to our local medical facility here on Taveuni.

There was a large crowd in the waiting room and I thought okay, looks like it’s gonna be a long wait.

How wrong I was.

I was seen by the triage nurse, given a COVID test (I was negative but do have a nasty chest infection), went to the doctor and then to the pharmacy where I was given medications to deal with my symptoms, all within an hour, and for the grand total of $0.00.

This is what public health is meant to look like.

I understand the health system here is stretched but it is still wonderful to see that anybody can be treated for free by competent and well-trained medical staff.

I’d like to thank all the staff members at the Waiyevo Hospital here in Taveuni for the quality of care.

Vinaa vaa levu.

Andrew Boyle, Tutu Rural Training Centre, Taveuni

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