DYON project tests students skills

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DYON project tests students skills

THE Kaila! Design Your Own Newspaper (DYON) Competition makes students put their writing, photography and creative skills to test and many who usually doubt such skills actually come out successful through the competition.

This was the view of Nadia Bano who was the editor of the Kamil Muslim College DYON team in 2011.

Ms Bano who was part of the Kamil  DYON team from 2009 – 2011 said the project had assisted her by enabling her to structure her thoughts, ideas and writing styles into good articles, coming up with appealing layout and exploring local communities.

She contributed as one of the journalists in 2009 and 2010 for the school DYON team.

“My team mostly focused on school work and youths,” Ms Bano said.

“We were always interested in writing something for the students as a take back message and also keen on how the youths in the community were taking on life- their lifestyle, challenges, food, etc,” she said.

Ms Bano who is currently a sub-editor of The Fiji Times feels such opportunities are a great platform for students to get in touch with their current surroundings, which many may have lost touch with since we are now living in a technology dominated era.

“It helps establish connections with people one has never met and a great chance to build media related experience at a fairly young age,” she said.

Meanwhile the DYON project aims to develop students’ literary skills and is managed by our Kaila! newspaper, the only newspaper in the region that focuses on youths between the ages of 13 and 18 years.

Kaila! appears as an insert in The Fiji Times every Wednesday.