COVID-19: Settlement lockdowns to be lifted tomorrow

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Ministry of Health and Medical Services permanent secretary, Dr. James Fong speaking at the national announcement COVID-19 briefing at the Ministry of Health headquarters conference room at Dinem House in Toorak, Suva. Picture: FIJIAN GOVERNMENT/FILE

The lockdown of Wainitarawau settlement in Cunningham Suva and the Vuniwai settlement in Taveuni will be lifted at 4 am tomorrow morning, May 10, 2021.

Health Ministry permanent secretary Dr James Fong confirmed this in a national announcement COVID-19 briefing held this evening.

He said the Ministry is tasked with upholding the health and wellbeing of all Fijians, from COVID and from a range of other threats.

“If and when we do lockdown, that will occur alongside a whole-of-government and whole-of-society effort to mitigate the economically-devastating impact that lockdowns have in Fiji and around the world,” Dr Fong said.

Meanwhile he said the Ministry will be hosting press conferences several times a week to field questions from members of the media, particularly following major policy announcements.