Civil servants involve in scam

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Opposition Members of Parliament, Faiyaz Koya during break between session at the Parliament complex in Suva. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

Parliamentarian Faiyaz Koya has described the E-bay scam as an unfortunate one that involved a good chunk of civil servants.

In responding to Women’s Minister Lynda Tabuya’s statement on the need to address Fijians involvement in such a scam, Mr Koya said: “We should condemn it outright now”.

“Unfortunately, we, as Fijians, are quite gullible when these things happen and I know for a fact that civil servants, the Police Force, military people, and educated people have actually been stunned by this and the number is quite large.

“I still think that it needs to be a whole lot more education on it, but the question is, will you or have you already put something in place with respect to getting the financial literacy and training that is needed for these people to get out in the workforce? I know the Ministry of Trade has a lot of avenues with respect to that.”

Ms Tabuya said it was now time for Fijians to stop falling for such schemes where they could just make a quick buck without having to work for it.

She also called on MPs to condemn these schemes and encourage people to apply for jobs.

“There are so many vacancies if we are giving money to our young people simply to make them go away or simply to make a quick buck,” Ms Tabuya told Parliament.

“Let us get our young people, our mums and dads, and young families to apply for employment and to go for training.

“Now, being available for free and on scholarships, it is very important, that we move our people from poverty to productivity and from a life of welfare to well-being.”

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