Carpets and upholstery cleaning

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Carpets and upholstery cleaning

CARPETS International at Courts offers carpets and upholstery cleaning services.

This is an opportune time when our Muslim brothers and sisters are preparing for Ramadan and cleaning homes and workplaces will be on top of the agenda for Eid preparations.

The most noticeable thing in any home or office is the flooring and thoroughly cleaned flooring is always welcoming.

If you’ve been thinking of giving the floorings a new look then you need to contact Carpets International at Courts.

Equipped with state-of-the-art machineries, Carpets International at Courts specialises in different floor surface cleaning whether carpets, vinyl or tiles and grout, Carpets International at Courts can be relied upon.

Regular sweeping and mopping removes the surface dirt however dirt that gets trapped within the carpet becomes perfect breeding ground for pests in damp conditions. Carpets International at Courts uses turbo powered machines to remove trapped dirt and knows the processes such as stripping, drycleaning, steam cleaning, sealing and stain removing to restore the new look and to prolong life of the flooring.

For vinyl and hard surfaces, Carpets International at Courts uses the most fitting equipment and safe methods of stripping and sealing for a thorough cleaning and to reduce daily maintenance. When it comes to that tough cleaning of tiles and grouts or exterior pavements Carpets International at Courts has high pressure water blasters to get the job done.

Carpets International at Courts can help revive the look of your furnishings and curtains just in time for Mother’s Day and Ramadan celebrations by steam cleaning, removing stains and applying soil-guards to allow food and water to easily slip off preventing any staining. Carpets International at Courts also have expertise in conditioning and polishing of leather upholstery to enhance the lustre of your furnishing and complete that luxurious look.

No need to worry now for residential and commercial cleaning just let the professionals handle the job.

Carpets International at Courts is located at Lot 11 Kura Place, Laucala Beach Estate and can be contacted on mobile 9990550, 9923113, 9994738, 9923115, landline 3386111 or email,

Courts — quality brands! Great choice! Why go anywhere else! Wishing all our brothers and sisters Ramadan Mubarak.