Asbestos removal requires licence

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Asbestos at an old workshop. Picture: FACEBOOK

All asbestos that is likely to disturb the demolition or refurbishment of residential premises must be identified prior to the commencement of the project.

This according to a recently published Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme’s PacWastePlus Model Asbestos Management Policy report.

The report funded by the European Union outlined that depending on the nature and quantity of asbestos to be removed, a licence may be required to remove the asbestos.

It stated that friable asbestos must only be removed by a licensed removalist with an asbestos removal licence.

“All asbestos removal should be undertaken in accordance with the asbestos code of practice on how to safely remove asbestos,” the report states.

“If a residential premise is a workplace, the asbestos removalist must inform the following persons, before asbestos removal work is carried out, the person who commissioned the work, a person conducting a business or undertaking at the workplace, the owner and occupier of the residential premises, anyone occupying premises in the immediate vicinity of the workplace.

“In certain circumstances, a premise may be used for both residential and commercial purposes and is therefore classified as a workplace.”

It adds that all licensed asbestos removal must be supervised by a supervisor at least five days prior to the work commencing.

The PacWastePlus Regional Asbestos Project will support countries in executing solutions, both legislative and policy driven, to preventing exposure to asbestos fibre, and thereby reduce asbestos-related diseases.