Surfers take ‘cleaner’ approach against ocean pollution

Apisai Tibinaliva (2nd from left) and Victor Maginnity (3rd from left) with the Suva Reef Surfers members after surfing in Suva. Picture: RAMA

FIJIAN surfers that participated in the Pacific Building Solution Lighthouse Challenge for the past two days have taken a unique approach towards their competition at the Suva reef for the past two days.

Surfing for a cleaner Fiji is the approach the Fijian surfers have taken after they realised the ocean pollution the in the Capital City during the competition.

Surfer Victor Magnnity said it was sad to see the amount of plastic materials floating around the Suva reef and how it would affect us in the future.

“After the competition, I asked the participants if we can just pick up anything that’s floating and doesn’t belong in the ocean and it’s surprising to see the amount of waste that comes out of the city to the ocean,” Magnnity said.

“I grew up in Suva and I know the reefs and waves well but seeing all the rubbish being dumped in the ocean from the city area is just sad and if we work together we can prevent this pollution.”

Meanwhile Victor is not only a champion in keeping the ocean clean but he also won the two days competition.

“Like I’ve mentioned, I grew up here and I know the reefs and the waves and I’m happy to win the competition,” Magnnity said.

The PBS Lighthouse Challenge is also the last event in the surfing calendar for this year.

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