Slipway rehab

The MV Manu Folau on the Fiji Ships and Heavy Industries Ltd dry dock for maintenance and repairs in 2018. Picture: SUPPLIED

The Fiji Ships and Heavy Industries Ltd (FSHIL) for many years have been providing ship repairs, maintenance, heavy industries services and emergency slipping in Fiji and around the region.

The company, a subsidiary of the Fiji Ports Corporation Ltd (FPCL), is 100 per cent owned by the corporation when it took over in 2010 with the slipway being in operation since 1956.

It is a government business arm under Public Enterprise. On the type of services provided by the Ship Repair Division, the corporation, said it offered hot works, underwater gears, slipping, hull cleaning and painting, electrical works, marine plumbing and valves servicing.

“Our ship repair services do not focus on local ships only, it also provides service to regional and foreign vessels too,” the corporation said.

The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified in its quality management system. On major development undertaken by FSHIL, the corporation said there was the slipway rehabilitation of the 500 tonnes, 1000 tonnes and 200 tonnes upgrades to 500 tonnes respectively.

The company accommodates emergency slipping as part of the International Maritime Organization legislation.

The corporation said FSHIL specialises in heavy metal structure construction. “It also specialises in the construction of fuel oil tanks and mooring buoys and has the capacity for steel fabrication up to 300 tonnes, making it possible for FSHIL to design multi-purpose roll-on roll-off vessels especially for inter-island trade and transport,” the corporation said.

The company also manufactures fiberglass boats. “We design and build 23-footer normal and wide in accordance to the IACS standards and requirements,” the corporation said.

The FSHIL is committed to meeting its customer’s needs and it strives to maintain a business culture that is customer-focused.

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