Simpson: All revenue goes to Government

LTA chief executive officer Samuel Simpson. Picture: FT FILE

LAND Transport Authority CEO Samuel Simpson says it is important for road transport stakeholders to understand that all revenue from traffic fine is not received by the authority.

“Everybody believes that all the revenue and its agency revenue that comes from TINs (traffic infringement notices) goes to the LTA, it doesn’t, it goes straight to Government,” he said.

“We never see it.

“It’s not as if we have an incentive to go out and be aggressive, we don’t.

“We try to be pragmatic.”

In response to concerns raised by sugarcane lorry operators about fines being imposed for trucks carrying loads over the 16.5 tonne gross limit, Mr Simpson said LTA officers would allow some leeway.

“We do know that cane weight differs because of the different varieties, it can also be affected by the weather — if it was raining or cane absorbed moisture – we know that those are factors.

“Our officers are aware of these and they are given a certain amount of discretion.

“They have to be pragmatic at the end of the day.

“If somebody’s grossly overweight, they have to do something about that but if somebody is borderline, they will exercise discretion in favour of the lorry driver and give them a warning or something like that.

“That’s the way we work.”

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