Boost for Lautoka golf

Top contenders for Saturday’s Lautoka golf event. Picture: SUPPLIED

IT will be trophies galore at the Lautoka Golf Club on Saturday after a generous sponsorship by Sydney Award’s & Trophies of Australia.

LGC executive Raymond Singh said: “It was a proud moment to meet the company owner,  Adam Winter who was impressed with the Fiji Airways Fijian Drua team winning the National Rugby Championship (NRC) after beating the Queensland Country team.

“More importantly was the fact that through Rugby Australia his company made the Gold Medals for the successful Drua team.

“Winter praised the progress of Fijian rugby in both the 7s and 15s code and had the opportunity to meet so many sporting Fijians around Sydney. After a lengthy rugby conversation, I switched topic towards golf at our nine holes course in Lautoka and requested for a sponsorship. Without any hesitation Adam, only meeting me for the first time smiled and nodded in favour of my request,” said Singh.

“Members will have an added incentive to win trophies alongside the main prizes. Prizes will be up for grabs in the A,B, C & Beginners categories with a host of contenders vying for top honors.”

Leading the A-grade charge will be James Krishna, Suren PIllay, Bobby Reddy, Manwal Kumar, and Tevita Drauniniu.

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