3881 Fijians migrated from January-August this year

More than 3800 Fijians have left Fiji to settle in another country from January to August this year.

This, according to data on the Fiji Bureau of Statistics (FBOS) website.

The data revealed an average of 485 Fijians have left Fiji each month from January to August 2022 ear to settle abroad.

As many as 3881 Fijians have left Fiji between January to August this year on emigration grounds, data available on the Bureau of Statistics website reveals.

New Zealand, Australia and the United States are the preferred choice countries for Fijians to start a new life, according to the statistics.

The highest number of emigration was in the month of May when 873 Fijians left Fiji permanently – 516 Fijians went to New Zealand to live permanently while 251 left for Australia and 106 Fijians departed for the US in May to live there.

The FBOS data also showed that 794 Fijians packed their bags and left Fiji on emigration grounds in June this year, where the highest number of 452 headed to New Zealand, 184 to Australia and 158 to the US.

In the month of April, 692 Fijians left Fiji to settle in either New Zealand, Australia and the US.

The highest number of 359 headed to New Zealand while 202 went to Australia and 131 to the US.

FBOS data showed that 412 Fijians emigrated in January — the bulk of 218 headed to Australia, 169 to the US and 15 to New Zealand.

And 373 Fijians left Fiji in March with 147 going to New Zealand permanently, 125 to Australia and 100 to USA.

In February, 240 Fijians left Fiji on emigration grounds and 170 Fijians left Fiji in August, with 86 headed to New Zealand, 49 to the US and 32 to Australia and three to the United Kingdom.

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