PEOPLE | Arieta, an officer of the law

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Police constable and lawyer Arieta Naisake. Picture FIJI POLICE FORCE

MEET Police Constable Arieta Rarawa Naisake. She is based at the Valelevu Police Station and is currently on attachment at the Nasinu Prosecution Department.

PC Naisake’s story tells of her struggles, but it also speaks volumes of  her determination.

“My path took an unexpected turn when I had my first daughter while I was in Form 7 year at John Wesley College,” she said.

“While many thought that would be the end of my educational journey, I refused to let it be so.

“My mother, a pillar of strength in my life, saw my potential and enrolled me in the Nabua Matua Program school.”

At the school, Ms Naisake learnt about time management as she had to balance the demands of motherhood and her academic pursuits.

After passing her Form 7 examinations, she enrolled in the LLB program at the Fiji National University, and again found herself further juggling motherhood, academic and personal challenges.

It was not until last year, that she received a lifechanging phone call to join the ranks of the Fiji Police Force and completed rigorous training at the Nasova Training Academy before being posted to Valelevu Police Station.

“I set my sights on furthering my education and applied for the GDLP (Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice) program at FNU this year. To my delight, I was accepted. But balancing the demands of my job, doing part-time studies, and fulfilling the responsibilities of being a single mum was not easy”.

After successfully graduating and getting admitted to the Bar, PC Naisake credits both her biological family and police family for supporting her endeavour to provide a better future for her children.

“I am deeply grateful to my parents for their unwavering encouragement and financial support. My senior officers at Valelevu Police Station have been a constant source of support, allowing me the flexibility to attend classes and fulfil my responsibilities. My family and friends have been my pillars of strength, providing encouragement and love every step of the way.”