PC121 | ‘Find’ after 24 years in Delailasakau

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Police Special Response Unit Training Platoon came across the wreckage of a plane believed to be Air Fiji PC 121 during their trekking at Delailasakau. Picture: SUPPLIED

The rear bottom end of a plane believed to be from the wreckage of the PC 121 flight that crashed in the hilltops of Mataicicia, Delailasakau in Naitasiri 24 years ago was discovered by police officers last week.

The PC 121 crash on the morning of July 24, 1999, killed all 17 on board, leaving a scattered trail of charred remains.

A photo taken from the scene showed clearly the Air Fiji sign still visible on the wreckage.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Livai Driu said the discovery was made by the officers on an exercise.

“The Mobile Force Training Unit officers put into practice what has been taught three weeks before the end of the month exercise,” ACP Driu said.

“They were trekking high terrain where they managed to locate the rear bottom end of the plane. Nothing was removed from the site.”

Given the fact that it’s a domestic flight route, ACP Driu explained that the exercise was for the PMF team to identify and plot possible landing site for helicopters for future response or drop off point to ease response.

He said the exercise ended with community policing awareness at Delailasakau Village the same evening and community work the morning after.

Meanwhile, police are yet to confirm if they have notified responsible authorities of the discovery.

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