Advocate urges Fiji youths to engage in local government elections

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Kinoya Youths with the Youth and Sports Minister, Jese Saukuru during the closing of the mobile skill training last month. Picture: MINISTRY OF YOUTH AND SPORTS

A youth and human rights advocate has implored youths in Fiji to actively participate in the upcoming local government elections.

Avenai Serutabua says he seeks to engage youths in shaping the future of local governance.

Youth and human rights advocate Avenai Serutabua. Picture: SUPPLIED

He said this was a crucial moment for young people to make their voices known and play a significant role in shaping the development of their communities.

“The series of consultations have been conducted throughout Fiji, providing a platform for citizens to express their views and opinions on the local government election. These consultations have served as vital opportunities for dialogue, enabling individuals from all walks of life to contribute to the formulation of policies and strategies that will impact our localities,” Mr Serutabua said.

“Today, I call upon the youth of Fiji to step forward and join  in this democratic process by participating in the local government elections.

“I firmly believe that your ideas, energy, and passion will serve as catalysts for positive change, enabling us to build a stronger and more progressive society for all Fijians.

“This is a powerful invitation for young people to come forward and make their voices heard. We encourage you to actively engage in discussions, share your proposals, and present your unique perspectives.”

Mr Serutabua said the local government elections offered a significant opportunity to participate in decision-making processes that directly impacted everyday lives.

“Your proposals and ideas can drive innovative solutions, address the challenges faced by our communities, and shape policies that truly reflect the needs and aspirations of Fiji’s younger generation.

“Together, we can build a nation that is responsive, forward-thinking, and focused on the well-being of all its citizens.”