Youths enjoy games

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Youths enjoy games

THE Naselai youths hope to get in more participants for next year’s Central Community Games.

Coach and player Avisa Ravudi said they had the talent and the players, all they needed was to push them to come and participate in the tournament.

“We have very good rugby players, talented who one day they can don the white jumper,” he said.

“We have produced players who are playing internationally like Semesa Rokoduguni, Josua Vici, Ben Tukana to name a few.

“We have the talent, we have the players who can deliver.

“All we need is to bring them and showcase their talent.”

He thanked the Fiji National Sports Commission for hosting such events that will identify hidden talents.

“It’s not about the prize money, it’s all about showcasing the talents we have.

“A good thing about this tournament is that it wasn’t only rugby but netball and volleyball.

“Hopefully we can get more sports so that we can increase the number of teams to take part, just a thought for the FNSC.”