World leaders to be well informed of APEC program

PORT MORESBY, (POST COURIER) – Presidents and Prime Ministers will be well informed in advance of the APEC leaders meeting with the last official walk- through for representatives from the 21 economies.

The meeting was concluded on Thursday with CEO APEC Authority Chris Hawkins assuring the representatives of the economies of the preparations of the country.

A update on the preparations was given to 280 representatives who raised an array of questions that impressed director general and APEC chairman Sir Charles Lepani.

“For the leaders’ week, we want them to go back with much information on preparations, there were a range and an array of questions raised we answered them as much as we could,” Sir Charles said.

Where we don’t have information we will provide later, it was a thorough questioning of our preparations, there was an exchange of information we need information from them, he said.

“We wanted a rundown of the delegates’ numbers and who was coming with their own aircraft information and who is flying commercial, Sir Charles said.

This advance visit is the final time we will have representatives from each government and capitals in Port Moresby before summit, 280 officials from 21 economies were here, Hawkins said.

“For us it is important we share information we have on preps that we have so presidents and prime ministers are aware of the preparations.

“Site visits and thorough review of our efforts were witnessed by the representatives,” he said….

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