“We need to work as a team”

Josua Vakurinabili and Livai Ikanikoda congratulate each other after their last pool match against Wales during the HSBC Sydney 7s tournament at the Bankwest Stadium in Australia on Sunday 02, February, 2020. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

Fiji 7s gentle giant Josua Vakurinabili stands proud of how he wears two different uniforms on different occasions, but all under his love for his nation.

The Fiji Corrections Service officer has served for six years as a prison warden and has never regretted his decision of becoming one.

“Becoming a Correction Officer has been a blessing to me and that is why I am forever grateful to be part of this workforce.

“I became a Fiji 7s rep because I played for the Warden 7s team in local tournaments. I am able to support my family because I have a secured career that will look after me and my family after rugby, so I am forever grateful to be here,” said Vakurinabili.

The Vatukarasa lad from Nadroga said during this crisis he believed people could make a difference to be better citizens and be safe from the virus.

“People see us as national reps and we have fans who are always supporting us in the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, but we are in this COVID-19 situation together and we need to play as a team in order to minimise the spread of the virus.

“To see the happy and proud reaction of the people at home when we come back victorious from the HSBC series tournaments makes us proud to be Fijians and playing for our nation,” Vakurinabili said.

However his profession has shown the national rep how some are unfortunate to be locked up for something they did wrong.

“As a warden, I serve my people and my country with dignity and pride despite the circumstances but at times it’s sad to see people being arrested for breaching curfews and simple mistakes that could be prevented.

“We can beat this only if we work together and I believe we can overcome this virus if we work as a team.”

Meanwhile, Vakurinabili has also been doing his training and following the program given by their trainer.

The HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series was halted after the Vancouver 7s.

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