Water source, road issues

Litiana Natori 2, clings on her mother Adi Mere Namaki as they cross the Wainimala River to cast their vote at Waibasaga village Mua-i-ra, Naitasiri. Picture: JONA KONATACI

MOTHER of two, Adi Mere Namaki walks about 30 minutes every morning and afternoon to fetch water from a nearby creek for her family.

During these trips, she is accompanied by her two children, aged four and two years, who have their baths at the same creek.

Adi Mere said this was their only source of water.

The 23-year-old was among villagers of Waibasaga who cast their vote during the pre-polling exercise at the village yesterday.

“We struggle a lot,” she said.

“Sometimes I get worried about my two children because they might get sick, but we cannot help it.

“This election is very important to us and especially to me as a mother.

“I hope that the government that will come in after this election will help ease our burden and connect piped water to our homes,” she said.

Adi Mere’s husband is a yaqona and root crop farmer.

Their only source of income is through the sale of yaqona and root crops such as dalo.

“During adverse weather, the roads get inundated by floodwaters and we are not able to take our produces across to the market.

“I hope this coming government will help improve the condition of the roads too in this area.”

She said at times when her husband was not able to reach the market to sell his farm produce, they would survive on whatever was available at home.

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