Vodafone Fiji works to formalise 5G spectrum

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Vodafone Fiji is reportedly working with the Government to formalise the 5G spectrum and other regulatory aspects of the commercial launch of the 5G network.

“Vodafone has always stood ready to embrace the next generation of mobile network technology,” a recent press statement read.

“Since we began testing Pre5G in 2017, our team has worked diligently to ensure a seamless transition to this advanced network to provide 5G services to our valued customers.

“Significant capital investments have been made in the network and infrastructure and we had started to trial Pre5G and then progressed into having all aspects of our network to enable full 5G.

“Enhancing network capacity and speed is an essential part of everyday life. 5G technology offers significantly higher bandwidth and faster speeds than previous generations. With our upgraded network, Vodafone Fiji is working to deliver super-fast data transfers, enabling seamless streaming, rapid downloads, and an improved overall user experience.

“Vodafone Fiji recognises the immense potential of 5G in unlocking the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and enabling a wide range of smart solutions. Our network infrastructure is ready to support IoT applications, empowering businesses and individuals to leverage the full capabilities of this transformative technology.”

Vodafone Fiji has reportedly been actively collaborating with leading technology vendors from the likes of Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle Cloud Platform, industry partners, and regulatory authorities over the years to be ready for next-generation networks.

“Our collaborative partnerships have been instrumental in addressing technical challenges, optimising network performance, and fostering innovation in Fiji’s digital landscape.”