Vanuatu patrol boat Tukoro leaves for final repair in Fiji

RVS Tukoro is going for its final two-weeks repair before it will be replaced by a much larger vessel.

PORT VILA,11 OCTOBER 2018 (VANUATU DAILY POST) – Vanuatu’s patrol boat, RVS Tukoro is on its way to Fiji for its final repair before it will be replaced with a much larger guardian-class vessel.

Daily Post understands RVS Tukoro will undergo repair at Walu Bay in Suva for two weeks at a cost of Vt27 million (US$235,000).

It departed Port Vila Wednesday under the guidance of Captain Trison Kalsaf as Vanuatu Maritime Chief Inspector, with a 14-member crew.

It is expected to return on October 30, just before the 2018/2019 cyclone season starts.

Activities within Vanuatu’s maritime zone are being monitored remotely through the Vessel Monitoring System and also, partner countries like Australia and France are on standby to respond to suspected illegal activities during the absence of Tukoro, Commander of the Vanuatu Police Maritime Wing, Superintendent Collin Ioan Kaluatman, has assured.

“France and USA are currently providing sea surveillance.

“Other equipment are available for any search and rescue operation”, he said.

According to Commander Kaluatman, the government of Australia and the Vanuatu Shipping Registry supported the Vanuatu Police Force to meet the repair costs of RVS Tukoro. RVS Tukoro was out of operation for over 16 months after sustaining significant damage from cyclone Pam in 2015.

Australia, under the Pacific Maritime Security Programme will be delivering the new vessel in 2021.

Commander Kaluatman said the new vessel be operated using new technology and will be environment friendly.

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