Tui, Seci join coach to Taveuni

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Tui Kamikamica, Head Coach of Fiji Bati Wise Kativerata and Pio Seci. Picture: SUPPLIED

Vodafone Fiji Bati captain Tui Kamikamica with teammate Pio Seci will be accompanying coach Wise Kativerata to Taveuni today.

This is part of the FNRL’s grassroots development program. Kativerata said while the national team players were in Fiji, they would be utilised to help in development.

“We know there are many Kamikamica’s and Seci’s there in Taveuni and other islands. It is our responsibility to scout for them and mold them into athletes,” Kativerata said.

He said the tour would also head to other parts of the Northern Division during the school holidays.

Players selected will then join the Fiji Bati Academy.