Tui brings hope to island students

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Tui Kamikamica runs a rugby league training drill with students of Somosomo District School on Taveuni. Picture: FNRL

THE recent homecoming of Vodafone Fiji Bati captain Tui Kamikamica to Somosomo District School on Taveuni marked a poignant moment in the rugby star’s journey.

Fresh from his exploits at the Pacific Test Championship in Papua New Guinea, the Melbourne Storm forward embarked on an emotional journey back to his island roots, driven by a deep desire to connect with the community and visiting schools that nurtured him.

Despite the emotional undertones of returning home, Kamikamica radiated inspiration and positivity as he engaged with the enthusiastic youth and children of his beloved community.

His visit wasn’t merely a homecoming; it was a beacon of hope and motivation for the budding talents and dreams housed within the school’s walls.

The impact of his presence was palpable as he shared his experiences from the NRL Championship, weaving tales of perseverance, dedication, and the thrill of representing Fiji on an international stage.

Addressing the students, Kamikamica emphasised the importance of resilience, hard work, and nurturing one’s talents.

He encouraged the youngsters to dream big and chase their ambitions relentlessly, regardless of the obstacles they might encounter along the way.

The visit wasn’t solely about sharing tales of triumph; it was an opportunity for Kamikamica to give back to his community.

He engaged in interactive sessions, imparting rugby tips and techniques to aspiring young athletes, igniting a spark of inspiration that could potentially shape the future of rugby on Taveuni.

As Kamikamica bid farewell to Somosomo District School, his impact lingered, leaving behind a legacy of resilience, determination, and unwavering support for the dreams of the next generation.

His emotional journey back to his roots didn’t deter his spirit; instead, it fuelled his passion to inspire and uplift his community, showcasing the true essence of a leader both on and off the field.

He was accompanied by the Fiji Bati head coach Wise Kativerata and Fiji Bati player Pio Seci.