Tropic Thunda debuts new collection

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Models wearing the Tuono Design. . Picture: SUPPLIED

VT1s founder and renowned music producer Tropic Thunda is set to debut his new collection Niuvalu.

“The collection name means niu-new, valu-wave, people can expect ocean meets new age style and I’m excited to be bringing a new look to the runway,” said the producer.

Tuono the streetwear label debuted at WFJ22 with a limited edition collection, which meant only a select few owned a Tuono piece.

The label operates from home on a print-to-order basis. Tropic Thunda credits his love of arts as his main inspiration.

“I love art in general, I look at current trends whether it be music or design and put my own twist on it”

The music producer said that the global influence of streetwear was seen here but with a distinct Fijian flavour.

“Fiji’s streetwear style is rapidly evolving, a lot more streetwear styles from abroad can be seen right here at home.”

Wearing Fiji will be held this year at the HFC Bank Stadium in Suva on October 7, 2023. Tickets are available online for sale at