Toll-free numbers printed on books

Pritesh Kumar (left) of the Substance Abuse Advisory Council, Sheik Haidar and Sandeep Chauhan of Star Printery look at the toll-free numbers on the back of Educare books. Picture: RAMA

Children facing drug abuse, bullying and mental health issues now have easier access to helpline numbers, thanks to a series of books launched recently.

Star Printery Ltd, in partnership with the Substance Abuse Advisory Council (SAAC) and Lifeline Fiji introduced Educare books in the hope they would provide a pathway for children facing drug, emotional and physical abuse issues.

“We decided we need to come up with a concept where we can be of some sort of assistance to the children,” said Star Printery director Vikesh Chauhan.

“Because the issues are already pretty prevalent in society, we decided to come up with this concept where we can start advertising and promoting the Lifeline, health and counselling numbers which children have easy access to.”

Mr Chauhan said it was crucial to recognise the needs of students and to provide support to lower suicide and other statistics in the country.

“With Educare books, we introduce human-based stories on righteousness, peace, rights and values which will stick to the children’s hearts.”

He said Educare books were in circulation and available in the market. Lifeline Fiji project director Jerry Merekula highlighted the importance of the books and the easy access to toll-free assistance numbers, especially during COVID-19.

“Majority of the suicide cases in Fiji are from the youths so the toll-free numbers on the back of the Educare books provide the necessary support,” he said.

The toll-free numbers printed on the back of exercise books are:

  •  Child Help Line – 1325
  •  Lifeline Fiji – 1543
  •  FWCC Domestic Violence Helpline – 1560
  •  SAAC Counselling Line – 7734 182 / 773 4180 / 7734181

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