Tikoduadua: No person can threaten anybody

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Minister for Home Affairs and Immigration Pio Tikoduadua, left, with officer-in-charge of Rakiraki Police ASP Kelepi Bisi, right, listen to Rarapatu resident Balram at a public consultation in Rakiraki on Monday, August 28, 2023. Picture: ANISH CHAND

No person living as a squatter can threaten anybody, according to Home Affairs and Immigration Minister Pio Tikoduadua.

He made the comment at a public consultation in Rarapatu, Rakiraki, on Monday in response to a complaint from a community member that he was being threatened by a squatter close to his house.

Rarapatu resident Balram said several families had built houses near the sea where he lives and had been threatening him.

“They have knives and sticks in their hands and show them to me in a threatening way,” Mr Balram said.

“I am a legal tenant on the land I live on and I feel unsafe.”

In response, Mr Tikoduadua said that what the man was doing was illegal because he was not a proper tenant.

“He doesn’t have a proper tenure – he can’t threaten anyone.”

Mr Tikoduadua directed the officer-in-charge of Rakiraki Police to look into the issue.

“Officer, please talk to this individual and attend to this case of the squatter threatening them.”