Through thick and thin

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Chand said his parents were his role models in life and he aspired to live by their examples. Picture: NAVNESH REDDY

Facing hardships in life can make it more difficult to achieve success. But it is does not make it impossible. Lakhmi Chand understand that all too well.

He has fought many battles to achieve his dreams and be where he stands today. The septugenarian owns and manages the company Chand’s Earthmoving.

Looking backat his journey, he said the foundation of his successful business was laid at a young age through values instilled in him by his parents. “My childhood was tough.We had to assist in sugarcane farming and harvesting,” said Mr Chand.

“I only went up to Year Six. We had to walk barefeet for long distances and crossed the river four times to get to school.”

He said he had to work in a few labour-intensive jobs as a teenager in order to gain work experience and earn a living.

“I have even travelled overseas to work in the clothing sector, tyre making workshops and also in television repairs to earn some extra money.”

Use used the money he saved to build a house and buy a piece of land where he did sugarcane farming.

He said, if one thing, a tough childhood helped to mould his character. “It has enabled me to appreciate and respect the opportunities that came my way and I worked hard.

“Farming and landscaping has always been my interest as I like to tend to my fruit trees and flower gardens. Chand said his parents were his role models in life and he aspired to live by their examples.

“They taught me never to steal from anyone and that hard work was the only true way to success.”

Chand believes in the personal mantra that one should never stop working until the body gives up.

“The moment you stop, your life will come to a standstill.

“My advice to the younger generation is to stay away from alcohol and other harmful substances and just work hard.”

Chand lives with his family in Qeleloa, Nadi.