The future rests with your vote; ‘The destiny of your country is in the choice you’re about to make’

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People lining up to cast their votes on elections day. Picture: FILE

Can you believe, the future of who’s going to be driving your country forward is all in the stroke of a simple little tick, cross or a circle.

In the past, because some people got ticked off with your tick, cross or circle of approval, they decided to overturn the result creating a ticking time bomb.

Put simply, they have a problem with ticks, crosses and circles.

But that’s what politics has come to, a simple tick, cross or a circle.

Whichever simple little sign you write on your ballot paper will determine what happens next and how your country progresses and under who’s stewardship.

Imagine that!

The future direction of Fiji is in your hands.

That’s simply powerful and you should feel proud that the destiny of your country is in the choice you’re about to make.

As the day is fast approaching there’s mixed feelings of excitement and a little uncertainty too.

But one tick, cross or circle is all that’s needed to send some pollies scurrying back to the life they came from.

Of course some will want this one to win.

Some will want that one.

Some still aren’t sure if they can trust that other one.

Some don’t know and some don’t really care.

And then there’s this other lot who go quietly about their business doing what they’ve always done.

And that’s making a mountain of moolah while the rest rant and rave about who’s going to roast who at the polls.

That quiet lot of puppeteering geniuses just smile with their gleaming gold Rolex watches while stashing away a mountain of money here, there and everywhere thanks to all the hangers-on they’ve conveniently managed to hitch to their bandwagon.

But instead of focusing on the growing corruption in the corridors of power, some in the media are always spotlighting that pesky bunch who’re always standing up and throwing their voices at the injustices being perpetrated against the down trodden and marginalised.

At least they’re doing something positive rather than plotting someone’s demise and downfall, right!

Which brings me to this age old question: why is there so much treachery in such a small country?

You know, people who are liu muri and aagee peechae?

Some would argue it’s probably because treachery has been in our DNA since the beginning of time.

Envy, jealousy and greed in fact.

And they reckon it’s probably been handed down to us in an unwanted legacy called, the sins of our fathers.

It’s a legacy, some believe, that’s unfortunately steeped in an age old curse.

Scary thought, I know!

Some suggest, that to exorcise this curse and break its hold requires seeking the wisdom of the experts in Theological matters.

And I would tend to agree.

Either way, it keeps rearing its ugly head because politicians of the past may’ve never given it a second thought or a sideways glance.

But on a different note, how do you separate the true stewards of the state from the wannabes?

True stewards, I believe, have a servants heartbeat.

You’ll know them not by their fancy speeches or their panoramic promises.

You’ll recognise them by their quiet actions as they go about serving the needs of the most vulnerable in society.

They are the ones who need your tick, cross or circle.

Not the ones who’ve been masquerading as some sycophantic saviour.

The imposters are mostly ultracrepidarians, people who’re quick to judge and criticize making out they’re the only ones who have the know it all expertise and authority to make a difference and to take the country forward.

Now I wasn’t meaning to be awkward by addressing something that could cause quite a stir to stimulate a gossip full of grief just before the big day.

But please weigh up your choice with prudence as your guide.

As I was looking through the huge list of hopefuls, there seems to be a

As I was looking through the huge list of hopefuls, there seems to be a lot of newbies trying their hand at this game called politics.

I think you’ve got to be pretty game putting your hand up for this caper.

I guess there’s always something to look forward to other than the political mudslinging and back stabbing that’s become rabidly rampant in today’s political arena.

And I often ask the same question you’ve probably been asking thousands of times: “Why are some politicians so fiercely unkind and downright rude and disrespectful towards each other when they’re supposed to be having our best interests at the forefront of their debate and discussions?”

There’s probably a myriad of reasons why certain pollies do this.

But when it’s all said and done I believe it comes down to just one plain and simple word – character!

People of character are generous, kind and sincere.

Even though they might have strong views and opinions about a subject, they’re open minded, but they’re also just and fair.

And people of character are empathetic, ethical and have a strong sense of moral values and integrity.

They weigh and respect everyone’s opinion because they believe that every single person has something to say and something to offer.

Their word is their bond.

Imagine if you were to have people of character serving the nation?

What will your country be like in the next 5, 10, 15 years?


Now put your imagination to work and weed out the wannabes and people who are in it for themselves and their mates.

Send them the message you’ve had enough and that you want not only change for the sake of change.

But you want to see men and women of character guide your ship of state.

Then there’s a few interesting individuals who make out that you need to be equipped with a razor sharp tongue so you can cut your opponents down to size.

Of course they foolishly believe it’s how you conduct affairs of state to progress the country all in the name of serving your people right?

What a load of poppycock!

Serving people’s real needs doesn’t need to be done while tearing someone down to make yourself appear like you’re a highly credentialled crackerjack.

Seriously, who in their right mind wants to get into a game where certain people want to know everything about you, your finances, your assets, your medical history, your police record, your personal affairs, your donors, who you had lunch with, who you didn’t invite to that secret dinner date, who you’ve been sleeping with all before you’ve even kicked the ball or fired the first volley against the opposing team.

You’d have to be absolutely daft wanting to get into a profession where you’re going to get more than your butt kicked – all for the sake of serving your country.

And if you happen to put a foot wrong and somehow stumble, falling into a hugging embrace with someone who was just trying to save your bacon, there’s every chance you could face more than just a verbal firing squad.

Heck, you might even contemptuously qualify to get your name surreptitiously picked out to stand trial in a kangaroo court.

All for the sake of serving your fellow countrymen.

Ohh sorry.

That’s politically incorrect.

Can’t say COUNTRY- MEN because of the “men” in the word.

But if I said women it’d be OK right even though women has got the word men in it too.

See, it’s the men’s fault for putting so many male dominated words into the English language.

I mean think about menopause.

There’s that “men” thing again.

Couldn’t they’ve been a bit more creative and called it womenopause?

No, that wouldn’t work either would it, because it’s still got the “men” thing in it.

Jeez Lueez who was the silly sausage who invented these confusing argumentative words.

Maybe we should all have a heated debate on the subject with Mr Collins and Ms Webster adjudicating.

Now as you can see for the record, I’ve balanced the gender equation.

Ohh no, I’m terribly sorry LGBTQIA+’s.

Didn’t mean to leave you guys out.



See there I go again calling everyone guys when guys in my day growing up were considered men.


We just can’t seem to get away from the “men” thing can we.

It’s all the fault of political correctness me thinks.

And just to throw a cat amongst the proverbial pigeons (are we still allowed to say this or will I get into trouble with the RSPCA??) could we maybe call it political incorrectness?

Because if you really and truly look at politics there’s so much to correct it’d be an absolute joke to try and correct a political plunder, right?

Sorry, that should read blunder.

But then plunder rhymes with blunder, if you get my drift.

You think I’m joking.

Well in a way I am.

I’m just taking the mickey out of politics and politicians in a light hearted banter so we can all have a little chuckle before someone chucks a spanner in the works come election day.

Because if you’re able to remove mickey from politics then I’m certain Minnie will be overwhelmed and overcome with absolute joy having him home again.

Oh ohhh, there I go again with the gender thing!

I’m so going to get into trouble with you know who!

You mean you haven’t heard of the Gender Police?

For starters, they aren’t going to call this new brigade Gendarmes because that’s already taken by the French.

Now the French have definitely got a few things over the English when it comes to gender based descriptions wouldn’t you say?

Yeah, me too!

Oh ohh, can’t describe myself as “Me Too” because I’m definitely going to get into a hullabaloo with the Me Too mob.

Now I’ve really got to mind my P’s and Q’s.

That’s Please and Thank yous.

Or Pints & Quarts from the 17th century pub speak, if you don’t mind Jan!!

Just hamming it up you know.

Oh ohh, sorry.

And we definitely don’t want to go there with the “ham” and “bacon” thing do we.

Because there’s a mountain of grief I could get myself into with the religious robed ranters who’re just waiting for me to step off the plane in their Godforsaken dust bowl.

As if!!

Thank Christ I’m living in a country where we can still laugh at ourselves.

Oh ohh, there’s a knock at my door and I’m feeling a little anxious that it could either be the Gender Police, the mob in the black robes or hopefully Mr Uber with our weekend eats.

Or could it be the Gendarmes coming to sing carols with a big fat Christmas Turkey!!!

Are we allowed to say fat Turkey or am I going to get into trouble with that too?

Are we there yet?

• COLIN DEOKI is a regular contributor to this newspaper. The views expressed in this article are his and do not necessarily represent the views of The Fiji Times.