Tabuya answers to President’s call for unity

Opposition MP Lynda Tabuya delivering her maiden speech in Parliament this morning. Picture: SUPPLIED/FIJIAN PARLIAMENT FACEBOOK

OPPOSITION Whip Lynda Tabuya says she has heard the call made by the President Jioji Konrote for unity as the basis for true patriotism.

“Sir, believe me when I say in the interest of the nation I have heard your call,” she said while delivering her maiden speech in Parliament yesterday.

Ms Tabuya said as a nation, we could not let our past define us and the mammoth task leading nearly a million citizens would require all 51 members of the House coming together as one.

She said each side of the house held the mandate of half of the population and the healing of the nation could only truly begin when they make a genuine effort to bring the two halves together.

“I am committed to working together not just in the spirit of bipartisanship as inspired by the President but to take it a step further and that was to work together on issues with real results,” she added.

Ms Tabuya urged members of the Parliament to focus less on who they fight against and focus more on who they fight for.

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