Supermarket targets greener future for all

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Image: EXTRA

Extra Supermarket will open its doors in Vanua Levu with a green theme because it will depend on the solar energy system to power its operations in Damodar City.

“With a strong focus on reducing environmental impact, the company is committed to lead the way in sustainable retail practices,” the supermarket said in a statement.

“By utilising solar energy, the store ensures that its operations are powered by an inexhaustible resource, free from harmful pollutants.

“This commitment to renewable energy not only benefits the environment but also contributes to creating a greener future for all.”

The company stated that Extra Labasa had already installed a 150kw solar energy system.

“This has significantly reduced its reliance on traditional energy sources,” it said.

“This initial installation has successfully powered various aspects of the store, including lighting and other electrical needs.

“Building on this success, Extra Labasa has plans to expand its solar energy system by an additional 100kw. This expansion will further contribute to the brand’s commitment to sustainable practices and reduce its carbon footprint even more.”

Every purchase made at Extra Labasa, the release said, contributed to a greener future.

“By choosing to shop at Extra, customers are actively supporting a retail brand that prioritises sustainability and takes tangible steps to minimise its environmental impact.

“Extra is dedicated to making a positive change in the retail industry and invites customers, partners, and stakeholders to join them on their journey towards a more sustainable future.”