Stop attacking journalists – FMA

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Journalists and members of the media. Picture: File/ ELIKI NUKUTABU

THE Fijian Media Association (FMA) has again called on political parties and leaders to stop attacking media organisations and journalists doing their work in covering the elections.

In a statement, the association highlighted their concern with the high number of attacks made against media organisations during news conferences.

“FMA notes with concern the regular frequency with which the media is being attacked at campaign rallies and the way journalists are being singled out at press conferences, for simply doing their job,” FMA stated.

The FMA stated these attacks show that politicians and political parties are only paying lip service to the principles of media freedom they all say they believe in and want to uphold.

The association reiterates that political parties and leaders treat media organisations and journalists with respect.

“The FMA notices a worrying trend where leaders are not answering questions but choosing instead to attack journalists and their media organisations for asking a question.

“FMA calls for all media organisations and journalists to be treated equally and with respect.”