Sigarara: Fiji’s rural population decreases by 21,790

Communities for Communities volunteers , Habitat for Humnaity Fiji staff and villagers of Tavuya village celebrate the opening of the new homes. Picture: JONA KONATACI

FIJI’s rural population has decreased by 21,790. Assistant Minister for Rural and Maritime Development Jale Sigarara said this figure was highlighted in the 2017 census.

“The count shows that 44.1 per cent of Fiji’s population live in the rural areas with this decrease of 5.1 per cent compared to 2007,” he said.

“Our ministry remains determined and is firmly committed now to reverse the rural to urban trend to achieving the targets stipulated in the five and 20 years’ National Development Plan.” According to Mr Sigarara, rural and maritime development remained a key national priority.

He said the ministry stood firm with the Government’s commitment to continue to bridge any development gaps between rural and urban areas.

Mr Sigarara says Government will ensure that the Integrated Rural Development Framework endorsed in 2009 is fully functional to better co-ordinate development priorities through a bottom-up approach so that people take full ownership of the State’s balanced and sustainable national development goals.

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