Recipe for success

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Participants during the Spartan challenge at Aviva Racecourse Sabeto, Nadi. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

In the heart of the 2023 Spartans Challenge, where adrenaline-fueled athletes pushed their limits, there was a quieter yet equally impactful force at play — a network of local women turning a festival into a feast, and an opportunity into prosperity.

While the Spartans Challenge drew attention for its athletic prowess, it did more than just benefit businesses and corporate sectors; it provided a unique chance for local communities to flourish.

At the festival venue, a group of women from Natalau Village in Sabeto and Lomolomo seized this opportunity, transforming it into a culinary celebration.

The aroma of freshly baked roti, the sweetness of cakes and pies, the richness of pudding, and the refreshing notes of homemade fruit juice wafted through Aviva field.

These were not just culinary delights; they were the products of entrepreneurial spirit and community collaboration.

Lisi Tabua, a villager from Natalau, beamed with pride as she shared, “We were happy to be given an opportunity to generate revenue for our families.”

For these women, it wasn’t just about cooking; it was about crafting a future, one dish at a time.

The festival became a canvas for their skills and a marketplace for their dreams. The ladies, with pots and pans in hand, managed to turn each day of the Spartans Challenge into a successful venture.

Making an impressive $50 to $70 each day, they not only catered to the hunger of the festival-goers but also nurtured their own aspirations.

In a candid moment, one of the vendors expressed, “This is good for us and our family, at least something to help our families.”

The Spartans Challenge, with its athletic prowess and competitive spirit, inadvertently became a catalyst for economic empowerment at the grassroots level.

It transformed the festival venue not just into a battleground for athletes, but into a bustling marketplace where local women showcased their culinary talents and entrepreneurial drive.

As the sun set on the Spartans Challenge, leaving behind a legacy of endurance and achievement, the local women’s success story added a distinct flavour to the narrative.

Their pots and pans weren’t just tools of the trade; they were instruments of resilience, carving a path toward prosperity in the heart of a thrilling athletic spectacle.