Ratuva: Focus on bread, butter stuff, NFP’s doing great

Professor Steven Ratuva Picture: SUPPLIED

Renowned Fijian academic Professor Sitiveni Ratuva says the coalition Government should focus on the more immediate and pressing bread and butter issues, instead of discussing controversial political issues such as constitutional reform.

He said the suggestions put forward by NFP leader, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Professor Biman Prasad were on point.

“The NFP is a very important part of the coalition and the leader, Prof Biman Prasad, is doing a great job so far in sorting out the financial mess,” the University of Canterbury Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies director said.

“His suggestion of a national economic summit is a brilliant idea as a way of engaging a broader range of experts and stakeholders in decisions and thinking about our economic future.”

Prof Ratuva said the coalition Government was still finding its feet, and would be better able to take on challenges with each passing day.

“Over time, we should see the synergy between the parties beginning to strengthen as individual ministers begin to see themselves as servants of the nation rather than as party representatives.

“People would expect the coalition to focus increasingly on urgent wellbeing and rights issues, economy, health, education, freedom of expression, et cetera and leave the more controversial political issues such as constitutional changes on the back burner until later.”

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