PEOPLE | Chasing a dream: Romera’s dance journey

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Romera Navuga Nasilasila (middle) flanked by her parents Eroni (left) and Sova Nasilasila after graduating with a Diploma of Dance at the Conservatorium Of Dance graduation ceremony at Sofitel Fiji Resort, Denarau, Nadi. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

THE desire to progress, together with sheer hard work, make success a sure accomplishment.
For 22-year-old Romera Navuga Nasilasila, those words ring true.
When the pandemic made it difficult for her to attend her university studies, she had no other option but to drop-out of the science course she was studying.
Romera, who resides in Navesi settlement just outside Viseisei Village in Vuda, Lautoka, never lost hope.
In 2021, a friend encouraged her to audition for a Diploma in Dance program at VOU’s Conservatorium of Dance.
“My childhood was a bit of a struggle. Both my parents toiled hard to provide for our family,” she said.
“My mum took care of the family and she was a wonderful role model for me growing up. She taught me what it was to love a family,” she said.
Romera’s dad was a farmer for most of his life and later operated a small tourist tour venture..
“I always had a passion for dancing and I would dance everywhere.”
At Vuda District School, she was part of the traditional meke group and also part of the cheerleading team at Jasper Williams High School.
Nasilasila said her future plan was to further develop her dance career and hone her techniques.
“I also want to go back and finish my studies at university. I feel a bit incomplete as I haven’t fulfilled my high school dream. That’s why I have this urge to return.
“When the opportunity to study dance came my way, I took it on with enthusiasm.
“My biggest challenge was understanding and knowing myself and figuring out where I stand in life.”
She said VOU’s Conservatorium of Dance Diploma in Dance program, helped her discover exactly where she belonged.
“I found peace within me and I was happy. Although it was really tough waking up in the morning, practising dancing routines from 8am to 1am, I was happy doing it.
“I love to sing and I have also developed my singing skills during the program, as it included singing lessons.
“I have this hunger where I want to achieve a lot of things in my 20s and explore different fields.”
Her advice to young girls who think they have achieved it all is “there is much more to life than what they think they believe.
“You can always achieve so much more if you put your heart to it.” Nasilasila lives with her extended family in Navesi settlement.